AYS DAILY DIGEST 18/9/2017: What is the role of the UNHCR?

Question for the UNHCR from volunteer in Lesvos // A comedy of errors // 250,985 people left their homes in Afghanistan this year due to conflict // Due to EU — Turkey deal hundreds of children out of school // At least 2000 people on the streets of Paris // Forced eviction of people in Fonts Camp // Case againts Jugend Rettet to start tomorrow — #FreeIuventa


In today’s feature story, we bring you a letter from our friend Philippa Kempson, the activist from Lesvos who is helping to people on this island for over two years, to the UNHCR. She wrote the letter two weeks ago, but received no answer until today.


The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs issued a new report on the situation in Afghanistan showing that this country is not safe, as many EU politicians are claiming while deporting people back.


On Tuesday, September 19th, the first hearing against the Jugend Rettet group will start before the court in Trapani.


Since the beginning of September — only 18 days — over 3.100 people arrived at islands. Only to Lesvos today, officially 204 new arrivals were registered.

Help is needed!

ELLINIKON WAREHOUSE IN ATHENS urgently needs donations of:


NGOs in Serbia are more often reporting about racist act and attitude by some people toward refugees and migrants who are stranded in this country. People were not served or asked to leave some of the restaurants even in Belgrade, while in some cities registered asylum seekers, with legal permission to find their own accommodation, are being turned down by landlords.


Croatian Security Intelligence Agency SOA has published a yearly report on its activities. The novelty is that this year a whole section is dedicated to asylum seekers, although there is no info on the negative opinions issued by SOA related to the existence of the so-called ‘security obstacles’ that AYS and CMS have warned in the two reports on unlawful and arbitrary practices by SOA and MOI in these cases.


According to the InfoMigrant.net, migrants are camping out near the port of Bilbao, on Spain’s northern coast, trying to try to hide on cargo ferries bound for Portsmouth, on England’s southern coast.


Julie Bonnier, an Associate lawyer, wrote an open letter to the President asking him to prevent the destruction of the camp-Fonts Camp where 79 people are living, including 15 women and 11 minors.

Photo by the Refuge Info Bus.
Photo by Danika Jurisic.


Two interesting events are coming up in Berlin.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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