AYS DAILY DIGEST 18/11/2017: Who will take responsibility for the death of an 11-year-old boy in Austria?

Children are left in unbearable conditions, with minimum care, all over Europe. This is a child who lives in camp on Lesvos. Photo by Giorgos Moutafis.


Five days after his death in a Viennese hospital, the media learn of the boy, an 11-year-old from Afghanistan, who committed suicide in a refugee camp. Apparently, the authorities are investigating the case, but it is not clear why the public do not have more information about it.


The ECRE and ELENA networks have published a new legal note on asylum applicants’ limited access to legal aid in Europe. They report a very worrying trend of unavailability of access to legal aid.


According to the latest UNHCR data, there are over 3.6 million refugees—most of them (3.2 million) from Syria—currently in Turkey.


In Libya authorities have launched an investigation into slave auctions following the release of a CNN report, but also several reports by different human rights organizations. Part of the work involves assessing whether the auction locations are under the control of the Government of National Accord in Tripoli.


And people are still trying to cross the sea to Europe. It is dangerous and almost impossible.


Two boats arrived in Lesvos during the night. One landed in the South — 51 people. The second was picked up off the coast of Palios in the North East — 63 people.

Among those who are staying on the main square in Mytiline are children. There is not enough space for their families to stay in safe and warm places. Photo Arash Hampay.


There have been 30 percent fewer sea arrivals in Italy in 2017 than there were in 2016.


Spanish authorities claim they have saved around 500 refugees who attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Africa. Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants try to cross each year and thousands drown in the attempt. A Spanish representative from the region of Murcia, Francisco Bernabe, says that refugees were pulled off 44 different boats that came from Algeria.


In Paris the conditions are becoming more critical for around 1000 refugees who are sleeping rough on the streets as winter approaches. Volunteers are there to help, but more help is needed all the time since the numbers of new arrivals are rising, and the conditions are getting worse.

Photo by Care4Calais.


People in Brussels do not want to let their leaders be the face of their country and cities. For months now, hundreds of people have been coming out every day and night to offer shelter to migrants and refugees who otherwise would have to stay out in the open. Last night, as many nights before, nobody slept in the park or streets of Brussels.


The government in this country has voted in favour of a proposal for rule changes which would require certain asylum cases concerning minors to be reassessed. Over half of the Parliament, 66 percent, voted in support.


A demonstration was held in Switzerland for the rights of two refugees, Eden and her son Nahom, from Eritrea. The mother and son risk being sent back to Italy where they received refugee status in 2006, despite having lived in Switzerland and made a life there over the last six years.


The unofficial Women and Children’s Centre is looking for a volunteer face painter and magician/clown/entertainer for the children for their Christmas Party on 23 December from 4–7 in Birmingham. If interested please email meena.enquiries@gmail.com



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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.