AYS DAILY DIGEST 18/11/2017: Who will take responsibility for the death of an 11-year-old boy in Austria?

Children are left in unbearable conditions, with minimum care, all over Europe. This is a child who lives in camp on Lesvos. Photo by Giorgos Moutafis.







Among those who are staying on the main square in Mytiline are children. There is not enough space for their families to stay in safe and warm places. Photo Arash Hampay.




Photo by Care4Calais.

“Refugees stood in line, many without the most basic of clothing items, to obtain a donation to help them bear the winter and the cold. We shared that very human moment in the most dignified way possible; but they have been humiliated by European governments.

They stood in the rain and wind while we carried out the distribution, fed up with the situation they are in, but still with hope in their eyes that better days may come. Yes, our clothes were soaked and the cold set in, in all honesty, it was tough — but we stood with the refugees who were waiting for a coat, a pair of shoes, or a jumper and their trials are inestimable. The only difference between us and them is a piece of paper which says where we reside.”

“In the middle of the night the police wake us up and make us move. Each time we ask them ‘Move on, but where to? Where can we go?’ Every time they tell us ‘I don’t know, just leave’”. Ibrahim, who is forced to live in the streets of Paris, told researchers, “I don’t have any other option but to claim asylum here. In Sudan there is only death.”







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