AYS Daily Digest 19/09/17: Court rules family reunification time limits must be respected

German court rules on family reunification time limits / Difficult conditions persist on Lesvos / Volunteering opportunities in Greece / Police clear France’s Puythouck camp / Organizations from across Europe call for donations and help

Dunkirk (Photo by Aktion Weitblick)

FEATURE: German court rules on Dublin-defined family reunification


According to the MSF, no one seems to know where in Libya these intercepted and returned Syrian families are now.



Latest arrivals

Borderline explosive situation in Lesvos

“ This is Stage 2 UNHCR Camp on Lesvos, Greece on Sunday. There’s been an influx of arrivals the last few days. We have had mostly children and their parents, many from Syria. At one point we were looking after and cooking for more than 80 people.” (Photo: Refugee 4 Refugees)


Everyone was hoping that they would be transferred to organized structures, but that did not happen. 120 people are tightly placed in a space appropriate for 40 people, in poor conditions, with children and toddlers staying together with their parents, alongside prisoners, the story claims.


With over 700 new arrivals so far in September, the camp is becoming more crowded, with families cramming into pop up tents outside the camps fences. Samos volunteers need more volunteers on the island! (Photo: Samos Volunteers)


Photo: Muhamed Albakur


Photo: InterVolve


Language classes in Egaleo

Ellinikon warehouse needs list


A new route?


Language lessons


Jugend Rettet demands Italy release seized rescue boat

Tunisian migrants staying at the hotspot in Lampedusa marched and protested peacefully (Photo: Mediterranean hope)


Photo: local activists


Evacuation in Grande-Synthe

Photos: Care4Calais
Photo: Aktion Weitblick

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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