AYS DAILY DIGEST 20/01/2018: Syria has become more and more the playground for international actors

A military offensive carried out by Turkish forces has begun, targeting the area of Afrin/Heavy flooding in Syria/EU-Turkey deal at stake/Deplorable conditions for refugees on Samos and in Thessaloniki/Voice in Bulgaria’s statement on EU Presidency/Protest in Lampedusa against the detention on the prison-island/Extremely limited job opportunities for refugees in Ireland/More news from Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and the Mediterranean…

Credit: Free Yezidi Foundation. Free Yezidi Foundation is VERY CONCERNED about the hundred air strikes by Turkish military and ground forces that are moving against #Afrin. Many #Yazidi civilians living peacefully in Afrin. We have seen enough attacks and bloodshed. International community must protect civilians.


Turkish military operations began on Saturday, as reported here, targeting the Kurdish-controlled area of Afrin in northern Syria. There have been air raids against YPG (People’s Protection Units) groups and Syrian Kurdish PYDs (Democratic Union Party) after days of shelling. This began as the Free Syrian Army (rebels supporting Ankara’s polices) started moving into the region along the Northern Syrian border with Turkey.


Heavy flooding during the week meant trouble for the approximately 500 Syrian internally displaced persons living in the Quneitra province, near the Golan Heights.

Credit: Mohammad Al Toba


The EU-Turkey deal might be at stake, according to comments made by the Turkish minister for EU affairs, Omer Celik. The minister rejected the idea of a partnership rather than full EU membership for Turkey, stating that similar approaches won’t be taken seriously.




The Voice in Bulgaria Center for Legal Aid sent us the following statement regarding Bulgaria’s EU presidency :


Protests at the hotspot of Lampedusa have been going on throughout the day, according to this source (in Italian). Migrants from Tunisia, who are supposed to be expelled immediately after identification, according to the law, have protested by throwing stones at the police force present in the structure, causing the slight injuring of a policeman.


This petition (in German) created by Refugees Welcome Austria has the goal of stopping the creation of mass shelters for refugees, as it is “not only inhumane, but also socio-politically and economically irresponsible”.


Another deportation to Afghanistan is imminent, but there are problems finding members of the policing forces who agree voluntarily to take part in the deportation operations, as this represents a psychological burden for them.


A general assembly in support of students sans papiers will be held in Paris on Monday.


A court on Thursday has accused two smugglers of the death of seven migrants, five of whom died from hypothermia, exhaustion and hunger, while two drowned.

Credit: Proactiva Open Arms


Job opportunities for asylum seekers in Ireland will be “extremely limited” under a new directive.


A demo to stop the deportation of five people to Afghanistan has been organised for Tuesday 23 January in Åstorp, in solidarity with the victims and as an act of resistance against the implementation of this inhumane practice.


191 women, children and babies and another 384 men were found in wooden and rubber boats over the past days by Proactiva. Three dead bodies among them.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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