AYS Daily Digest 20/02: Discrimination, expulsion and denial of rights — is this the best we can do?

Right wing party members protested against refugee children in Oreokastro | Bulgaria — a Syrian family granted humanitarian status, but told to leave | Initiatives strive to help desperate people stuck in Serbia | Hungary outraged as Austria starts “playing the Dublin card” | Hundreds manage to enter Spain in Ceuta | This week’s calendar of events in solidarity with refugees

Refugees were picked up off the Libyan coast north of Sabratha by the rescue boat Golfo Azzurro of Proactiva Open Arms, on February 17 — Art Against
Photography by David Ramos



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Reminder: the cash card system (of control)


New women’s house opened in Exarchia

Photos by: Jafra Team R2R in Greece — فريق جفرا في اليونان
Illustration by: Mahnaz Yazdani via Art Against

Local men threatening children who fled war?!

Neonazis of a so called “Patriotic Union” attacked an elementary school with refugee children in Oreokastro today.
Reports say they were yelling “Death to immigrants” and “Say hello to Pavlos Fyssas (antifascist rapper, murdered by Golden Dawn members in 2013)” — by: NoBorders


Harsh treatment for a family from destroyed Aleppo

Legal help wanted — vacancies at “Voice in Bulgaria”



“Dunkirk Pirate,“ Dylan from SoulWelders, distributing firewood (Photo: AYS)
Lunch distribution by the Hot Food Idomeni team with a little support from AYS in the form of a kitchen trailer. (Photo: AYS)
Photo: Refugee Aid Miksalište


Hungary accuses Austria of illegal push backs

Although Hungary has highly restrictive (against) refugee politics — especially on the border with Serbia, where police violence and mistreatment of people is documented daily — looking at the Dublin regulations from this side of the fence does not come easy.




Another large group from Africa pushes through in Ceuta

A film that tells the story of the realities of the refugees in Greece, filmed by a member of the rescue team Salvamento Maritimo Humanitaio (active on Chios), will be shown at various locations in Spain. Screenings start this Wednesday, February 22, in Oviedo. (by Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario)

This Week’s Solidarity Events in Europe

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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