AYS DAILY DIGEST 20/03/2017: While EU is preparing a new deal, more people arrive in Italy every day

Refugees in the Mediterranean. By Vasco Gargalo (Art Against)


New deal, new humanitarian nightmare?

This morning, around 9.30, 116 people, including 15 women and a 5 year old child, landed in Molo Favarolo, Lampedusa. By the end of the day, 560 people arrived. They are from Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea Bissau.

By Mediterranean Hope.


With the good weather, the number of arrivals to Greece is slowly increasing. Today, 56 new arrivals were registered on Lesvos and 25 on Chios. The UNHCR registered 3,369 new arrivals in Greece by March 19th. Currently, according to the Northern Aegean General Police Directorate, 3,485 asylum seekers are registered on Lesvos, 3,541 on Chios and 1,733 on Samos.

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According to data gathered by the Bulgaria Border Monitoring, currently, there are three detention centers in this country: one in Busmantsi, one Lyubimets and one in Elhovo.


Info Park issued a statement on Monday drawing the attention to the fact that newly announced conditions for asylum seekers in Hungary “directly affect their prolonged stay in Serbia, leading up to new commitments and an increased responsibility for the situation in the centers across the country.”


The government announced they will appeal the first-instance ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) finding the state for wrongly detaining and deporting two Bangladeshi asylum-seekers in 2015.


Many refugees who are stuck in Greece, or elsewhere in the Balkans, are hoping to get to Germany. However, those who arrived are in some cases disappointed with living conditions and the treatment they received upon arrival. Ali Borsan, who lived for almost a year in Nea Karvala camp, was relocated to Berlin at the beginning of march. He claims that he lives in a camp where no privacy exists. “It is impossible to find a place or time to read, study, or to get some quiet time to think, to learn something, or to cry,” he twits. In another one, Ali writes: “Don’t build big hopes on relocation results. Now we are in a camp same as Nea Karvali camp. You can’t change anything.”

New camp in Berlin where Ali lives after almost a year in Nea Krvala.


RISE (Refugees Ideas and Solution for Europe), a network operating across 14 countries in Europe, initiated campaign which aims “at revealing the differences between refugees’ rights across Europe.”



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