AYS Daily Digest 20/07/2018:

69 people arrested in Morocco// The Libyan Government rejects proposal to build Migrant Centres in Libya// Italian Coast Guard uneasy about closure of Ports// Salvamento Maritimo has rescued 450 persons at sea// SOS Mediterranee is preparing for new Mission and Changed Conditions in the Mediterranean//News from Greece// Bosnia// Italy// France and more…

Source: Gabriel Tizon


A survivor and the bodies of two deceased to arrive in Mallorca after being abandoned at Sea by The Libyan Coast Guard

While UNHCR commends EU states France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain and Portugal for finally coming reaching an agreement to share the processing of 450 refugees that have been stranded on the Mediterranean, Proactiva Open Arms prepares to disembark the bodies of the single survivor and corpses of the deceased women and child that were abandoned at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard earlier this week.


69 persons have been arrested in Morocco along with their driver


The Libyan Government strongly opposes the proposal to accomodate rejected asylum seekers in Libya

According to Libyan Prime Minister Fayes Al-Sarraj, Libya absolutely opposes the European Unions plan to establish migrant centres in the country. He has furthermore stated that the decision will not be swayed by financial inducements. This plan was proposed last month by Italy.


The Italian Coast Guard expresses unease at the Governments closure of ports to those rescued at sea.

The decision which became enforced in June to close Italy’s ports to migrants rescued at sea is causing discomfort within the Italian Coast Guard. Members of the coastguard have begun to speak out against the new policy, which has forced them to transfer all calls for help and reports of boats in distress to the Libyan Coast Guard. Before this new policy the Italian coastguard played an important role in rescue missions.

“ There is an unwritten principle that resides in the soul of every sailor: that of heping anyone who risks losing their life at sea.”

“We are Italian sailors, we have 2,000 years of civility behind us”

Salvamento Maritimo has rescued 450 persons from 20 boats today from the waters of El Estrecho and Mar de Alboran.

The commercial Tunisian Boat Sarost5 is still waiting to dismbark 40 rescued persons.

Italy, France and Malta have refused to accept the boat to disembark. It is fast running out of supplies.

Turkish Coast Guard Intercept boat on route to Chios

The Aegean Boat Report has reported that 41 people were on board the vessel. 6 children, 10 women and 25 men.

Three SAR ships remain docked in Malta, prohibited from saving lives at sea

51 Persons rescued from the waters of El Estrecho to be dismbarked at Algeciras:

They are expected to arrive at the port at 18.40 according to SALVAGEverified.

Moroccan use of the Central Mediterranean route is failing as Spanish authorities intercept boats

SOS Mediterranee is preparing for new Mission and Changed Conditions in the Mediterranean

The Aquarius SAR Vessel is set to leave at the end of July from Marseilles. More food will be stored on the ship due to longer periods at sea. Another addition will be the use of a drone to help locate boats in distress.



# of arrivals in Europe through Italy, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria between January and June 2018
(UNHCR, 10 July 2018)


European Commission to refer Hungary to the Court of Justice for non-compliance with EU law over Asylum procedures

On Thursday the EC decided “to refer Hungary to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for non-compliance of its asylum and return legislation with EU law.” Hungary has had the EC:s eyes on them since 2015 when an infringement procedure was started with concerns of the country’s asylum laws, and in December 2017 the EC sent a reasoned opinion as nothing had changed in the desired direction. Hungary was previously notified.



According to Aegean Boat Report: Five boats have so far arrived on the Greek islands, this morning, carrying a total of 152 people.

Greece to change the way it handles Migration:

The Greek Government is planning to centralise the management of the refugee crisis, both on an administrative and budgetary level by the ministry.

English Classes for women resumed in OCC centre Polykastro

Mozaic house in need of a new volunteer coordinator to join their team

Mozaic house is a centre for Refugee women and children in the centre of Athens.

Khora Legal Support Team Update:

Whilst the Khora Community Centre searches for a new building we are operating from The Jafra Foundation (Kallidromiou 49, Athina 106 81) every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY 12PM-5PM.

Mobile Info Team reports of two groups of refugees forcibly returned form Greece to Turkey by Police


Bosnian police on Thursday discovered five people from Iraq in the city of Zvornik, near the border with Serbia. In this small border city this year 307 people were registered. Since February this year, thousands of people have found their way from Serbia to Bosnia, hoping to continue their travel toward the EU.

Red Cross warns of deteriorating conditions in Bosnia as well as increased use of violence against persons trying to cross into Croatia and Slovenia

With over 8,000 people having arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of 2018, the country is struggling to cope with the 8 times influx witnessed compared to 2017. in the past four weeks alone 3,000 people have arrived in the country.


UNHCR reports that in the last two weeks 3357 people have arrived in Serbia


Fence being built in Ventimiglia to prevent people even from sleeping under the bridge

Source: Progetto20k


Solidarité migrants Wilson need more volunteers to help keep up with demand

Please read and sign this petition by Care4Calais to stop preventable deaths on the Mediterranean


A demonstration agains the criminalisation of sea Rescue to be held today n Bonn

The demonstration is organised by Jugend Rettet e.V. Nordrhein-Westfalen

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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