AYS Daily Digest 20/08/17: Austria taking new measures against refugees

“They sleep on the floor surrounded by shit, rats and trash but they smile. They wash with little water but they smile. They only have the food of the volunteers but they smile. The weather is very hot but they smile. They don’t have money but they smile. They flee from war and misery but they smile. Many have been trying to cross the border for a year but they smile. Exhausted, mad, desperate but smiling. In Serbia you learn how to smile at life and how the human being overcomes inhumanity.” Photo by Fotomovimento 15M.

Feature: Austria taking the belongings of asylum seekers

Meltingpot reports about a case, where a man was fined by Austrian authorities for entering the country illegally. He was controlled in the train and charged with 100 Euros. Before sending him back to Italy, they took his phone as “security measure”, because he could not pay the fine.

By Meltingpot


The boat of the Spanish life rescue crew ProActiva goes on to its final mission month. In its first deployment in operation ‘Sophia’ this frigate has already rescued 1,174 migrants and has had to carry out five urgent medical evacuations (of four migrants and one member of the crew of a ship of an NGO).


On the 19th August, Golfo Azzurro ship arrived at the port of Trapani (Sicily) carrying over 230 passengers, mostly young people, women, children and babies, who were rescued from death in the Mediterranean.



The number of new arrivals on the Aegean islands remains high. Only on Lesbos 67 people in one boat have been reported.


Help is needed in Serbia, Šid, too. No Name Kitchen appeals to any person who has some medical knowledge and is willing to come and help in Šid (Serbo-Croatian border). If you are interested, get in touch with them


In Calais volunteers are setting up a new kitchen to provide hot food for people in need. The temperatures in Northern France are dropping, autumn and winter are about to come. Hence for people sleeping rough a warm meal will become even more crucial. In order to cook daily, the Refugee Community Kitchen is asking for ongoing, monthly, donations to plan their activities better.


Today there was another demonstration in Stockholm. This one started at Medborgarplatsen but left in a long line to walk the streets of Stockholm, with the same message as always: stop deportations of young people back to Afghanistan.



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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.