AYS Daily Digest 20/10/2017: High tension on Greek islands.. continues

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The last few months since the summer started have seen a new surge of arrivals on the Greek islands which has only worsened the situation since there is really no preparation for the increasing numbers apart from some transfers to the mainland. Today, we saw again a huge number of arrivals, mainly on Chios where in the last 48 hours around 400 people arrived. Lesvos has also seen many arrivals today and already high tensions have escalated further. On both islands there were protests today that turned violent on occasion, a common situation that has been happening for too long.

New arrivals on Chios — FEOX rescue team
Photo by Mehdi Shams


A new report describes the conditions refugees face when they are sent back to Turkey. The report, based on the information gathered, highlights several problematic examples of serious human rights violations in Turkey. For example, migrants in detention in Turkey find it difficult, in practice, to access international protection. Most detainees are subject to infringements of procedural rights, which might lead to violations of the principle of non-refoulement. Research also underlines that readmitted Syrian and non-Syrian nationals are subject to arbitrary detention, while recent changes in asylum legislation in Turkey put asylum seekers at risk of deportation to their country of origin without juridical review, which effectively undermines the international protection mechanism. You can read the full report here.


Today it has been a very complicated day on the Greek islands, as reported above, with so many refugees continuing to arrive. The breakdown of the arrivals for today is:

Help Refugees
  1. A European mechanism for resettlement of refugees from third countries to the EU with the operation of central asylum services in third countries.
  2. A European mechanism for returns of refugees to countries of origin or transit.
  3. A funding mechanism for refugees in Turkey and examining possibilities of strengthening it.
  4. Implementation of the readmission agreement signed by Turkey.
  5. A long-term plan to improve living conditions in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Thirty-four illegal migrants were intercepted by the Portuguese navy’s Viana do Castelo when they made the sea crossing between Tunisia and Italy.


Hungarian Free Press reports that locals assaulted and threatened to murder a mayor who promised to welcome refugees in a Roma village. He suggested that he would welcome those refugee children who were not allowed to vacation in the village of Őcsény a few weeks ago. For a long time he has been working within his community to improve the citizens’ quality of life but in this shameful case it seems that not everyone is seen as having the same right to be supported. You can read the full article here.


Over 845 Tunisian migrants including 93 minors arrived in the migrant reception centre on Lampedusa from October 10–14. The Tunisian secretary of state of immigration and Tunisians abroad, Adel Jarboui, has also said that the centre currently hosts 751 Tunisians, 733 men and 18 women.


The refugee situation in Paris is far from being under control and the state’s approach to these people only seems to get more callous. There is a call for a protest on 21 October, at 14:00 at Porte de la Chapelle to call for basic rights for refugees as human beings. You can find more details on the facebook event page here.

Just under 100 people disappeared 4 nights ago.

Just under 80 people disappeared 3 nights ago

120 last night

We were stopped and “controlled” by 5 undercover police 2 nights ago, van and body searched.
Police are now starting to Id check every soul on the streets at night
No papers, you’re taken

At the beginning of October a second centre was opened on the outskirts of Paris and appointments for the centre in Porte de la Chappelle were stopped.


Deportations are scheduled for Tuesday, 24 October from Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) with destination Kabul. The exact time of day is not yet known. At this point it is not clear from which federal states persons will be deported and if people from Saxonia are in danger of being deported.


A total of 4,400 people applied for asylum in the Netherlands in the third quarter of this year, and 2,300 people joined family members that already have residence in the country, Statistics Netherlands reports. This is the first time since the third quarter of 2016 that the number of new asylum requests is higher than family reunification applications.


Amnesty International is promoting a protest against the deportation of an Afghan student from Norway. Thousands of students in Norway are doing everything they can to protect their fellow student Taibeh from being deported to Afghanistan.

Join them and defend all Afghan asylum seekers at risk of deportation from Norway.


Speaking to the press after the first round of talks at the EU summit on Thursday, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned that EU action was “reaching its limits” due to insufficient financing. The Union has agreed to “help” African countries with 3.1bn euros but so far member states have only committed 175 m which the president considers far from being enough. Unfortunately this money is, in reality, being used to strengthen border control and improve migration management, which is the real immediate concern of the European countries. This is not only shameful but also a waste since it has been proven over and over again that repressive measures do not work in the long term and only cause pain to the people migrating.



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