AYS Daily Digest 20/10/2017: High tension on Greek islands.. continues

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New arrivals on Chios — FEOX rescue team

VIAL can not afford an extra charge. The boats began to unload hundreds of refugees, and Chios was called upon to resume spring conditions in 2016 when, as a last resort, refugees and immigrants were kept in the guarded-area dock areas of the capital’s harbor. They even proceeded to block the harbor, hindering the mooring of ships, in protest at their conditions of residence.

Since yesterday evening in the port and in the area around the Port Authority, refugees — mainly mothers with babies and children — have begun to flood the harbor. From yesterday to today, in different places on the island (Inousses — Grida — Agia Ermioni), a total of 377 immigrants and refugees have disembarked. This figure cannot be absorbed by the already expanded VIAL. and if there are no direct promotional procedures on the mainland, the island is at risk of new suffocation conditions.

“It is quite clear that the refugees are regulated exclusively by Turkey,” said the port guards, referring to the newly arrived refugees. The political leadership of the site, having allowed the problem to swell in line with the weather, and at risk of being reputed as a co-owner with the government and UNHCR, puts its hopes on government initiatives announced on Monday by the Political Council, with credible sources to reassure that the government, at the highest level, is beginning to understand the problem that is being created on the islands and may announce initiatives to relieve it.

Photo by Mehdi Shams

“It’s the worst I’ve seen and I’ve been through war”

“Moria is a concentration camp. A camp with a crowd of thousands of people. What we saw in Moria is an urgent situation. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve had a war,” said researcher Emina Tserimovits (who has also been a refugee herself), capturing what she experienced in the hotspot of Mytilene.

The report spoke of everyday fights, inappropriate scenes with flooding as soon as it started to rain, inadequate heating, lack of water and battles among young children for a bottle, as well as showers with unbearable conditions due to the stench of urine and faeces.

In particular, Mrs. Tserimovic stressed that there is no water in Moria and people have access to water only three times a day for 30–40 minutes.

“There is no hot water. We saw the water and little children, four years of age and up, running barefoot on the rocky ground with bottles in their hands trying to fill them up and fight for the water with 4,000 other people.”

“We had a meeting with a counselor of the Minister for Immigration Policy and eventually met with a gentleman who could not give us an answer about the government’s plans for the winter, and the UNHCR told us that the government was responsible for it,” said Eva Kosse .

She also argued that “European officials are losing their heads and are not interested in these people”



Help Refugees





Since the last evacuation of the camps in August, a hardening of policy towards refugees in Paris has been clear. Unlike in previous evacuations, armed police continue to pace the streets, moving on refugees before volunteers or any of the Parisian support groups even have a chance to offer them advice, scaring off all but the bravest of men, minors and families.

Macron has repeatedly said he will clear the streets by the end of the year. He also told police chiefs that France would become more like Germany, by which he meant the process of expelling them from France would be speeded up. At first we weren’t sure how this would work. Now we see it in action.

Just under 100 people disappeared 4 nights ago.

Just under 80 people disappeared 3 nights ago

120 last night

We were stopped and “controlled” by 5 undercover police 2 nights ago, van and body searched.
Police are now starting to Id check every soul on the streets at night
No papers, you’re taken

At the beginning of October a second centre was opened on the outskirts of Paris and appointments for the centre in Porte de la Chappelle were stopped.

Instead, vans pick a spot and clear all the men from it. The men who are picked up are taken to the centre in Porte de la Chappelle where we have heard they are processed — sometimes in as little as 3 days.
They arrive, are given an appointment at the police station, told if their fingerprints are already on the Eurodac system or not.

Those who have been fingerprinted in another country (Dublin) and those who have not (normale) so are allowed to claim asylum here, are as far as we have been able to tell split up and sent to different centres.
Macron has also announced that the Dublin process will be accelerated. Meaning that if the country where they are Dublin doesn’t respond it will be taken as a tacit agreement to take them back. We have seen a number of men with papers ‘requesting’ they return to Bulgaria — (where they were chased by the militia and their dogs and were forced to live in trees.)
Meanwhile part of the increased police budget is clearly being spent on ensuring no new camp springs up in the places where the people have been cleared away, with repeated police visits in those spots throughout the night every night. The people are left confused as they have no obvious place to go to try to find a bed but aren’t allowed to sleep on the street. Instead they have to second guess where the police vans will come. If they guess wrong they are kicked awake at 4 or 5 to start a new day searching for a place to sleep, their tents are broken and their bedding thrown away. We expect the capturing of people to intensify over the next 2 months as macron has said “no-one will be on the streets instead they will be in state run institutions by the end of the year”

Given the paucity of food, the lack of sanitation, the continual dispersements, tensions are rising. Mental health issues are becoming more and more evident with deeper cigarette burns, more frequent cuts on the mens’ arms.

Alcohol abuse and lost tempers have become a routine feature of our night distributions. In the day we are approached by desperate people who don’t know where they should sleep or where to get food.
The nights are getting colder and we have too few blankets to ensure these people have some warmth in those precious few hours they find sleep.


> Stay calm and composed. If you fear being in danger of deportation yourself, contact the following asylum counseling:
Asylum counseling in Saxonia:


> If you have information about people who might have been taken into police custody or detention pending deportation, please inform us:

E-Mail: protest-lej@systemli.org



Join them and defend all Afghan asylum seekers at risk of deportation from Norway.


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