As many as 500 people might be dead after a ship sank in the Mediterranean. About one million people in Syria living under the siege. To make matters worse, the Turkish border guards have killed eight Syrian refugees. 400 people were forcefully evicted at Lesvos while volunteers from No Borders Kitchen were detained. New refugee arrivals in Serbia, Hungary, and Italy. Council of Europe voices criticism of EU-Turkey deal implementation.

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WEATHER CONDITIONS: Thursday 21 April & Friday 22 April: #Idomeni — sunny, colder 5C — 20C; #Lesvos and islands — 14C — 22C. SEA SAFETY: Waves over 0.5 meters are considered dangerous. On Thursday, waves up to 0,8 m. Waves: moving generally Southward both days. Leaving from Turkish coast of Canakkale to Lesvos, waves at your back both days. Leaving from the west coast of Turkey to the Greek Islands, waves at your right both days. BALKANS WARNING: Overnight cool and damp. low 4C, high 20C. More on News That Moves.

Mediterranean Route

Up to 500 people may could be dead after a ship sank in the Mediterranean.


1 million people are currently living under the siege, primarily as a result of regime forces and ISIS.


8 refugees killed by Turkish border police.

EU begins process of visa liberalization vis-a-vis Turkey.


176 arrivals in Greece yesterday, indicating a slight spike in previous numbers.

Pregnant women taken to hospital after fire at camp Diavata.

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Photo by a volunteer in the camp

We received news of a missing Afghan migrant near Pines River, who was found dead late in the evening. We are still searching for more information.

400 people evicted from camp on on Lesvos

Food shortages and inadequate storage conditions lead to protest in Vial camp.

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Photo by Leslie Merale. At Vial Camp, refugees, around 1000 of them, protested by placing their rations in front of the guards because they have been served the same completely inedible cold food, mostly potatoes with no salt or oil, for the last month.

Conditions on Idomeni remain tense.

Greek authorities continue to apply pressure for relocation.

Skype number for refugees claiming asylum is unavailable.

Volunteers and/or donations needed in Eko Station at Polykastro!

Army, in charge of Nea Chrani Camp, remain incapable of meeting refugees’ needs.

Refugees can no longer be indefinitely detained in Lesvos and Chios registration centers for over 25 days.

83 million Euros allotted by the European Commission to improve living conditions of refugees in Greece.


Bulgarian foreign minister speaks out against armed vigilante groups patrolling the border with Turkey.


950 refugees are registered in Serbia after 34 new arrivals yesterday.


Slight uptick in refugee arrivals in Hungary and Austria.


Numbers of new arrivals in Italy grows as well.

Government to resettle refugees in Bari.


Government ready for possible refugee influx


Right wing terrorist group arrested after attack on asylum seekers.

Unknown extremists attacked refugee housing in Chemnitz-Einsiedel.


More problem at Calais



UK prepares for a new plan to bring in unaccompanied child refugees in Middle East camps.


12 countries contributed nothing in the EU-Turkey deal

Council of Europe enumerates numerous grievances with the EU-Turkey deal.


Head of Syrian “White Helmets” denied entry into the US to receive award for humanitarian efforts.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Viet Thanh Nguyen speaks out against the scapegoating of refugees.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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