AYS DAILY DIGEST 21/02/2017: Volunteers in Paris fined for distributing aid

German The Higher Administrative Court says not every Syrian must be recognized as refugee. / 74 people found dead on the coast of Libya. / British House of Commons passes law to transfer unaccompanied minors. / Volunteers in Slovenia and Greece provide essential needs. / Sweden doesn’t want to come back to more permissive migration politics. / Exhibition in Belgrade

Volunteers distributing essential needs. Credits: Solidarité migrants Wilson



According to various sources in Germany, it has now been confirmed that the deportation planned for Afghanistan carrying an unknown number of deportees will leave Munich, Germany around tomorrow evening, 22 February, and will arrive in Kabul late night, the Afghanistan Migrants Advice & Support Org reports. Activists in Germany will be protesting in different cities to ask the German authorities for a halt of deportations to Afghanistan. Human Rights Organisations are criticising deportations to Afghanistan, because it is not a safe country at all. Also some federal states of Germany decided to stop deportations to Afghanistan because of safety concerns.




Culturual exchange in Maribor. Credits: Slovenska filantropija



The recently opened bakery in Kara Tepe just boosted its capacity and is now producing 300 breads daily.

In Katsikas camp volunteers of Refugee Support Greece managed to change the old warehouse into a new shopping arcade. This gives the residents the opportunity to become independent of distributions but to choose their clothes on their own and to experience it in a positive way. Further they did one of their monthly distributions to the Hellenic Red Cross, supplying them with food boxes.

Meanwhile camp Veria received a nutrition program by Bridge2Refugees supported by Help Refugees. In an art project the children created this sign. To continue their work, Help Refugees is looking for two coordinators. If you are interested in volunteering with them, check the announcement.

Nutrition programme in Veria. Credits: Help Refugees

The Home project managed to open it’s second shelter in Athens and is ready to accomodate 20 children. “ The kids will live in a healing environment and receive support, protection, education and social integration services,” they say.

A shelter for children. Credits: The home project


The more restrictive rules, with temporary instead of permanent residence, will be evaluated in 2018, but it is not likely that there will be a change back regarding that either. The decisions mentioned are made by the ruling parts of the party, there are local departments in municipalities across the country that have handed in written suggestions about a more liberal migration policy. Those suggestions are at this point not likely to be listened to.

Especially sensitive is the situation in Turkey — which, if it gets worse, could cause another flow of migrants across the Mediterranean.

Politicians don’t want to confirm any details at this point and there are still some things left to discuss before everything is clear. But politicians think this restrictive politics will get majority votes in congress.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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