AYS Daily Digest 21/07/17: Preliminary hearings for the Moria 35

Aftermath of the Moria detention centre police clashes / Amir Hampay released from prison / Greek authorities criticized for mishandling registration and housing of unaccompanied minors / Lighthouse Relief closing in Lesvos / Calling out for volunteers in Greece / Water scarcity in Serbia / People sleeping rough in Gorizia / And more news…

From a peaceful protest in Moria today

Moria 35

There is mounting evidence of excessive use of force by the police on Tuesday, and reports of ongoing police violence against the 35 currently in custody. However, given the extremely limited number of lawyers on the island, and the 48-hour timeline, the Moria 35 face serious criminal charges without access to meaningful due process. We strongly condemn these arrests and the violence that preceded them. Although the hearings are not open to the public, we call on all concerned individuals in and near Mytilene to show solidarity with the accused by being a peaceful presence outside the courthouse today and tomorrow.

Legal Centre Lesbos also condemned the police violence and treatment of detainees, saying access to food, water and medical care has been restricted and many remained without shoes. Preliminary hearings have started without the accused having been given any food, they wrote, also calling for a peaceful show of solidarity with the accused outside Mytilene Court.

Photos from United Rescue Aid

A video was published depicting police beating migrants who revolted on Tuesday, 18/7 due to long delays in examining their asylum claims, but also because of the circumstances in which they are forced to live in Moria.

Solidarity prevails


One refugee boat carrying 24 people arrived just before midnight a the North coast of Lesvos yesterday, a volunteer reports.

Lighthouse Relief closing in Lesvos

Lighthouse Relief is an essential player in north shore emergency coordination activities and will continue to advance an effective and dignified response to the ongoing crisis. Our team’s 24/7 spotting activities, landing support and assistance in overnight transit will carry on uninterrupted. As always, we will be ready to adjust our operations if the situation changes rapidly, and are fully prepared to reopen another shoreside camp if it once again becomes necessary to do so, they wrote.


Hora community (Asklipiou 80) needs new German and English teachers to take over classes at the end of July. In total, they hold 25 classes in four languages at a variety of levels for over 200 students every day! No extensive experience or certification is required, as Khora provides teachers with a flexible curricular structure, teaching resources, and educational support.

Please contact Ryan if you are interested and have any questions.


30 July — 15 August (don’t have to be available the whole time)

ICOARM is seeking responsible and confident drivers as volunteers in our Asylum Seeker Transportation Service, in ATHENS, Greece. ICOARM is running a small-scale transportation service with one Athens camp. The service will provide transport to asylum seekers from the camp, to facilitate their attendance at their asylum application interview and workshops at various social centers. It is also providing means of transport for volunteers with our partner NGOs, delivering legal or medical drop-in services to camps, squats and urban housing across Greater Athens. Only asylum seekers legally able to travel via car, having the legal ‘white paper’ document, will be transported.

Must be able to volunteer for a minimum of 1 week
Must have international driver’s licence
Must have experience driving on the right-hand side of the road (opposite to U.K. and Australia)

The position would suit volunteers who want to volunteer full-time during their stay in Athens with ICOARM, and also volunteers who are already on the ground and are seeking a volunteering position only part-time, i.e. for one/a few days of the week.

If you are interested, please send a message to ICOARM through their page.

A Drop in the Ocean is now collecting summer clothing. A market was opened in Skaramagas camp (approx 3000 residents) two weeks ago. Residents in Skaramagas may choose what items they want to shop for. They are now looking for more summer clothes.
The list of items most needed:

Female (16 years +): bra, leggings, maternity leggings and trousers, underwear, nightwear, short sleeves, dresses and skirts, shoes
Male (16 years +): underwear, nightwear, long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts, sweatpants, shoes
Girl (2–15 years): underwear, tights and leggings, dresses and skirts, nightwear, short sleeves (6–15 years), shorts
Boys (2–15 years): long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts, trousers, underwear

Contact A Drop in the Ocean, Athens: Johan Kringlen
tlf 698 489 1298, e-mail jagk90@gmail.com

Read more about their shop here.


The aim is to bring recreation that ensures children feel safe and are free from any form of stress. If you have experience in child protection issues, devising and facilitating activities with a child-friendly approach, complete the applications at www.iamyou.se/volunteer


Water scarcity

We, the men, women and children from the Serbian camps desperately need your help… water scarcity is great. Especially now that temperatures are very hot and rising up to 40°C. We get pictures from Pirot, a camp near the Bulgarian border. The water is cloudy and not suitable for drinking. It’s not the only camp with dirty water. But at the current high temperatures, water requirements are very high and the polluted water is dangerous in particular for children and expectant mothers.

See how you can help here.

Hygiene packs were distributed last Friday (July 14) to residents of the Kikinda camp and yesterday (July 21) in the Sombor camp by BelgrAid. The supplies will last for approximately one month, after which they will do another distribution.

Photos by BelgrAid

Donation of men’s pants needed in Belgrade. If you would like to donate contact Refugee Aid Serbia by Monday. Sizes small and medium are needed most.


The European policy of isolation has the aim of preventing those with a right to protection from violence and torture from reaching Europe. To achieve this, the EU even works together with oppressive regimes. Particularly questionable is the cooperation with the Libyan Coastguard, whose members disregard the international law of the sea and the Geneva Refugee Convention — even though they have been trained for months by European and German marines.


Photos by local volunteer

Yesterday at the Italian Red Cross Camp there were about 500 people.
The people housed at the Gianchette centre numbered 73, of which 30 were women who were alone and a dozen unaccompanied minors, reports Progetto20k.


Shoes for Calais

You can buy shoes for $16/14.31 Euros at www.needslist.co

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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