AYS Daily Digest 22/07/17: What “stemming the tide” really means…

Pushback video from Greece / New info on family reunification / Legal help to arrive in Ventimiglia / Authorities close long-time refugee support group in Italy / More arrivals, and people sleeping rough in Spain / Phones needed in France / Belgium returning people to Greece on Dublin / And more news…

Photo courtesy of Solidarithé


European leaders betray their true feelings: what ‘stemming the tide of migration’ means.

Photo credit: Team Refugees/UNHCR


80 refugees arrived on Kefalonia today.


Sad news today from a long-term source of support for refugees.

Photo credit: Cooperativa Caracol
Photo Credit: Cooperativa Caracol
Photo Credit: STAMP


New developments in Spain as volunteers and journalists report that around 70 Syrian refugees had been sleeping in a park in Madrid for the past 10 days, most of them having arrived to Melilla previously. Many of them are young people and children and reportedly, and the government began bussing them to reception centers on Friday, although around 30 have refused to go, some of them having tickets to cross the Pyrenees. Read more here.


Refugee Youth Service France is looking to collect cell phones for vulnerable youth in France.


Belgium received approval from Greece to return two of eight asylum seekers that Belgium has been trying to send to Greece for months now. Their applications had been rejected based on the Dublin agreement, as their fingerprints had been traced in Greece.


Germany is falling behind on processing asylum requests, according to a news story in DW. Those working in the asylum office ought to be processing approximately 30% more requests per day. It is unclear if and how this lag will affect asylum seekers themselves. Read the full report here.


Right to Remain published a helpful guide on preparing for the Asylum interview in the UK. As nerves are higher and higher as the repercussions of Brexit are becoming more apparent, solid information collected by those who have “been there” is more valuable than ever. Check it out here.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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