AYS Daily Digest 22/10/17: #OpenTheIslands

Second day of protests by refugees in Lesvos. They refuse to live in the overcrowded Moria camp and demand that freedom of movement be granted. Photo Credit: Legal Centre Lesbos


The Chios Eastern Shore Response Team, which has been operating on this island for quite some time, put out a post criticizing UNHCR for their underwhelming support on Chios.

The tents and shelters outside Vial, Chios. Photo by Chios Eastern Shore Response Team — Info Point



Lesvos: 34 people arrived today
Chios: 29 people arrived today


The protest in Lesvos, where the rain is expected on Monday, continues for the second day in a row. Group of people is still in the main sqaure in Mitiline demanding for better accomodation and faster asylum process. So far, the authorities done little to nothing to respons their demands.

Photo by Legal Centre Lesbos

Instructions for enrolling in school

Refugee.info has put together a number of guides to help refugee children to enroll in school.

Truckshop is seeking donations!

The organization, which furnishes refugees with clothing, is asking that those in a position to do so donate to the organization. They need to raise 1,500 euros by the end of the month to cover the next installment of rent. They say that in the last 5 months, over 2,000 people have come to them for necessities. You can donate through the link below.


Around 60 people are sleeping in the streets in Pordenone. Pictures from the streets in Italy are shocking, showing people hiding under plastic foils to protect themselves from the rain and bad weather. Volunteers in this area need help for their work with homeless refugees and migrants.

Photo by Lorena Fornasir

Study shows that immigrants responsible for 9 percent of Italian gross GDP

A recent report by the Fondazione Leone Moresss found that in 2016, the 2.4 million employed Italian immigrants created 130 billion Euros of value for the economy, constituting 8.9% of the gross GDP of the nation. Immigrants have contributed 11.5 billion euros to social security and have paid 7.2 billion euros in income tax.


500 refugees jailed in Romania for “border transgression”

500 Kurdish refugees have been in jail for about a month, with sentences to last for five months. They are being kept in Horia prison after being arrested aboard Romanian buses. Soran Hama Rasheed, one of the imprisoned, claims that each of them had been held in solitary confinement for a period of 20 days. Prisoners complain of the poor quality of food that they are being given and they are reportedly being held in their cells for 20 hours per day.


Report looks at refugees’ perceptions of Austria

270 refugees were interviewed in July and August by NGOs affiliated with the Mixed Migration Platform to assess their perceptions to their new country. Now, the report based on those findings has been released. Vienna has been excluded from this study, but most of the regions of Austria have been included. The majority of those surveyed reported that while it can be difficult to find information about available services, most feel that their needs are mostly being met, and that the majority feel welcome and safe in Austria.


Residents of Danish deportation center continue their hunger strike

A group of 28 residents of the Kærshovedgård Departure Center have been staging a hunger strike for the last 8 days. Kamran Mohammadi told The Local that conditions in the center are dehumanizing. “We respect the rules but we feel as though we have committed a crime. It creates a bad atmosphere,” he said. Mohammadi had been living in Denmark since 2008, and he says that he is unable to return to his native Iran without fearing for his safety because of his background as a political dissident. Others are trapped in limbo as they are stateless, or because their home country does not have return protocols with Denmark.


France to perform investigations of refugee child minors’ age

French PM Edouard Philippe has said that the state will perform evaluations of arriving unaccompanied child minors to confirm that they are indeed minors. The state will also expand the availability of emergency housing to such children. This year, it is expected that more than 25,000 unaccompanied child minors will have made their way to France, a sharp increase from 4,000 in 2010.

Utopia 56 to hold information session on Tuesday October 24

Utopia 56, an organization quite active in helping refugees in northern France to get housing, in particular unaccompanied child minors, will be holding an information session on Tuesday in Lille. The meeting will take place at Café Citoyen at 7 Place du Vieux Marché aux Chevaux. For more information, please contact them on their website www.utopia56.com, or by sending an email to hebergementcitoyen@utopia56.com.

Refugee Community Kitchen is holding a fundraiser

Refugee Community Kitchen serves roughly 2,500 hot meals per day. They claim to have served over 1.5 million meals during their period of activity, and their services are greatly valued by those whom they serve. Unfortunately however, they are running very low on funds, and they would really appreciate any help that you may give them. You may donate to them by following the below link.

Fundraiser to buy waterproof footwear for refugees in Calais

Donate 4 Refugees has started a fundraiser to buy waterproof boots for refugees stranded in Northern France. As winter approaches, this will be an absolute necessity for people who have no homes. In addition to temperature-related risks such as hypothermia, having constantly moist feet can cause conditions such as trench foot, several cases of which were documented in the summer. The campaign aims to raise £20,000 and has made it about halfway to their goal, raising £8,500 thus far.

Mobile Refugee Support launches website

The team provides mobile aid, “consolidation and support to refugees and displaced peoples”. They are currently based and operating in northern France. Check MRS web site for information about the situation in this region.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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