AYS Daily Digest 23/06: Fences do not contain souls, Squat evictions in Greece

Why solidarity? / Fire near Moria camp / Needs list for Chios / Distribution begins to Serbian transit centres / Italy moves on agreement with Libya to prevent people from entering Libya / French politicians again place blame for mistreatment of refugees on refugees themselves, wish to prevent a “blight.”

Photo credit: Marios Lolos

FEATURE: Eviction of Squats and calls for Solidarity

Today, the eviction of the City Plaza Squats housing refugees in Greece was scheduled. As a result of this, members of squats called for solidarity action across Europe stating “Hands off the Squats!” There were actions in Germany protesting in front of the Greek embassy and elsewhere.

Solidarity protest with squats, Germany. Photo credit: Das beste Hotel Europas
A protestor at the Hands Off the Squats Protest solidarity action in Greece. Photo Credit Marios Lolos


Once again, we find that the unity and solidarity of the European Union is often limited to action that will either push people back or keep them restrained. When it comes to adhering to agreements of resettling refugees? Not so much. according to Asylum in Europe, a recent report by AIDA discussed not only the lack of political will in resettling refugees, but also a continued increase in giving preference to detention.

Thank you note to Proactive Open Arms after a rescue

The Asylum Service have changed the schedule for calling them on Skype to begin an application for asylum. The changes will take effect next Monday, the 26th of June. If you know anyone currently trying to get through on Skype, please let them know. You can see the new times in the following link or, if it’s easier for them to understand Arabic or Farsi, please share the text of the facebook post below. A similar post in Urdu will follow soon on Mobile Info Team’s facebook page.

Fire around Moria. Photo credit: ‎مهاجر immigrant
Photo Credit: BelgrAid


Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday that Europe will take “a true step forward” in managing migrant flows on the central Mediterranean route when it focuses “all of its weight” on its relationship with Africa.

Photo credit: Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza


The Dunkirk Refugee Women’s Shelter posted a comprehensive update on their activities and the situation in the area. Several repeated altercations with police leave people stripped of what meager possessions they had, additionally stressed, and homeless.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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