AYS Daily Digest 23/07/17: Moria Hunger Strike continues

Hunger strike in its 26th day / Activist joined the strike and calling other to do the same / #freedomstrikelesvos / Donations needed in Calais / Police continues to harass volunteers / And more news…

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Arash and Amir Hampay, after Amir was released from prison. Photo by Kini Von Teesdale


Moria Hunger Strike continues

Arash Hampay says that while his brother Amir has been released from the Moria detention centre, Kozhing Hussein and Bahroz Aresh are still there and he will remain with them on hunger strike. Arash Hampay writes that their demand is simple:



Two boats arrived on Lesvos on Sunday morning. One with 39 people including 13 children, 13 women and 13 men in the north and another with 58 people in the south.

Preliminary hearings of the Moria 35 end on Monday

The Legal Centre Lesbos says the preliminary hearings for the 35 individuals arrested in Moria will end on Monday. The centre says “the arrests took place after clashes with riot police using teargas and violence, which followed the peaceful protest refugees held in the morning”.

Conditions at Petrou Ralli

A volunteer says that on Saturday, people tried to communicate with refugees inside the Petrou Ralli detention centre, like many other times before. The refugees complained about skin sicknesses, as many of them have been detained for over 6 months in overcrowded, dirty cells. The volunteers says police were making ironic comments, laughing and making jokes, while people were trying to communicate with the refugees.

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Donations needed for RCK and Help Refugees

The Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) says its temporary kitchen in Calais is now set up, giving it the space to start building its new kitchen adhering to French norms and regulations. It says the output of the kitchen is pushed to its limit, serving hot food and fresh drinking water in Calais, as well as making flat breads and flapjacks for Paris.

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Photo by Paula Gallardo‎
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Photo by Help Refugees

Police continues to harass volunteers

A volunteer says police again prevented food distributions on Sunday. Franceinfo reports that the situation is deteriorating in Calais, with police spraying teargas inside a van on two separate occasions while another volunteer says he was hit in the head. Volunteers continue to receive orders to stop distributions, without any legal justification, and police continues to look for any possible reason to fine them.

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Photo by “Loup Blaster

Defender of Rights calls for creation of refugee centres

Around 450–500 people again sleep around Porte de la Chapelle, including some families with small children. Le Monde reports France’s Defender of Rights, Jacques Toubon, has visited the area and argued the ‘government’s plan does not solve anything’, as it should have ‘suggested the creation of five to 10 refugee centres all over France to prevent refugees from sleeping outside, to give them food and respond to their health issues’.

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Photo by Kevin


250 people rescued by ProActiva

More than 250 people have been rescued by ProActiva with the help of the MSF’s Prudence and all have been transferred to the Aquarius, a search and rescue ship operated by MSF and SOS Méditerannée. 118 people were transferred from the Italian coast guard to the Aquarius as well.


Italy says it will take no lessons

Ansa reports PM Gentiloni has said Italy will take no lessons from its EU partners after Visegrad group leaders sent him a letter calling on Rome to ‘close ports’ to asylum seekers. He noted Italy is doing its duty and demanded solidarity from its neighbours ‘without giving dubious lessons’. La Repubblica reports Hungarian PM Orban has said the problem of migrants must be resolved in Libya.


Afghans pushed to lie by the Migration Agency

Kabul Blogs writes about a report by the Swedish Television Network saying Afghans are being pushed by the Migration Agency to lie and tell the Afghan Embassy that they want to return voluntarily.


Doctors and nurses needed in Iraq

Adventis Help urgently needs doctors and nurses to voluntee in the new ADRA field hospital in Hasan Sham, providig emergency services to people fleeing Mosul. The hospital has a 45 bed unit with 9 emergency beds, ultrasound, X-ray and lab. Please contact adventisthelpvolunteers@gmail.com for more info.

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