AYS Daily Digest 23/07/17: Moria Hunger Strike continues

Hunger strike in its 26th day / Activist joined the strike and calling other to do the same / #freedomstrikelesvos / Donations needed in Calais / Police continues to harass volunteers / And more news…

Arash and Amir Hampay, after Amir was released from prison. Photo by Kini Von Teesdale


Moria Hunger Strike continues

It is a demand for basic human dignity. We demand you release all the refugees in prison in Lesvos who have not been accused or convicted of any crime. We demand Europe stop keeping refugees in detention.

Furthermore, they seek to raise awareness of the brutal violation of the rights of asylum seekers indefinitely trapped on Lesvos, facing deprivation, humiliation, psychological and physical abuse, arbitrary arrest and detention at the hands of European and Greek authorities.

The hunger strikers are calling on activists to show their support by fasting for 24 hours and publicizing their action on social media with the hashtag #freedomstrikelesvos, holding a poster similar to the one above. Group of activist already joined and calling all to do the same.

Today marks the 26th day of the hunger strike.



Preliminary hearings of the Moria 35 end on Monday

A lot of them were brutally beaten. As of Sunday there still remain open head and arm wounds and many are in severe pain as medical care continues to be restricted. Many of those arrested were not even part of the peaceful protest or clashes between a handful of protesters and riot police, leading observers to conclude that they were arrested simply due to their race and location in the camp when raids and arrests took place.

Conditions at Petrou Ralli

Petrou Ralli is a detention centre in southern Athens for refugees whose temporary stay papers have expired and is “infamous for its brutality towards refugees”.

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Donations needed for RCK and Help Refugees

Donations are therefore needed to the build the new kitchen build and buy food donations. Chefs and volunteers are also needed.

Photo by Paula Gallardo‎

Help Refugees says volunteers have been making socks out of rejected clothes this week as they have completely run out and refugees living in Calais need them everyday.

The group adds that an estimated 200 unaccompanied minors and 400 adults are still living in squalid conditions with no form of shelter, still sleeping on the ground in the rain, with no access to washing facilities for themselves or their clothes.

If you can bring any donations, please email calaisdonations@gmail.com or buy supplies delivered straight to the warehouse here.

Photo by Help Refugees

Police continues to harass volunteers

Photo by “Loup Blaster

Defender of Rights calls for creation of refugee centres

Photo by Kevin


250 people rescued by ProActiva


Italy says it will take no lessons


Afghans pushed to lie by the Migration Agency

The television tells the story of Ali Reza, who fled Afghanistan for Iran with his family when he was a baby and knows nobody in the country. The Migration Agency neverthless wanted to deport him and he was urged to go to the Afghan embassy in Stockholm and request travel documents. He received a letter written by the Migration Agency in his name and which he was expected to sign. The letter said that he had accepted the decision by the Migration Agency and that he assured that his return was voluntary.


Doctors and nurses needed in Iraq

MSF says it has treated over 450 severely malnourished children in its hospital in Qayyarah, 60 kilometres south of Mosul. Head of mission in Iraq Manuel Lannaud says that it isn’t a problem of access to food but is primarily due to the scarcity of infant formula.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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