AYS Daily Digest 23/11/17: Some rescued in the sea, while others die on the land

Libyan treatment of people calls for urgent measures / A death in Croatia and in Denmark / Greece needs more people to help / Germany builds up teams for conducting deportations / Refugees in Italy fighting for their rights / Protests announcements / News from Syria, Spain, UK, Turkey …

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SAR mission of a team in the Mediterranean — Photo: Maydayterraneo — Proyecto AitaMari


“If any kind of violence was to be noticed, we would obviously condemn it,” said the spokeswoman.



Anti-terrorist actions put a lot of Central Asians in danger of being deported




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Over 1000 people have arrived on Lesvos since the beginning of November. Our partners Refugee Rescue / ‘Mo Chara’ have been there for the landing of over 400 of those arrivals. There are more young people arriving in the boats than ever before, roughly 50% of arrivals that are assisted by Refugee Rescue are children. Almost every boat has an elderly person, a person with disability or somebody suffering from a chronic condition on board” — Help Refugees

Protest at Sapho Square — update

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Photo: No Border Kitchen Lesvos
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Photo: Lesvos Solidarity — Pikpa


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Volunteers wanted in many other places

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ERCI — Emergency Response Centre International

Urgent call: Drop in the Ocean is looking for more volunteers for December, minimum stay is 7 days.



Another refugee lost his life

Tragic and poor treatment of people does not only happen in Libya, deaths do not only occur in Mediterranean, and everyone of us in the EU should be aware of that.


Asylum seekers of Cona determined to fight for their rights and have their requests heard and dealt with

“We’re human beings, not animals and there you live like in a dump.”

No slavery and no criminal deals with Libya!


Automatically brought a step closer to be considered criminals



Death under the police pressure

He was surprised that the police acted so violently.

According to the Dane, the dispute lasted for about a half an hour.
Until the man was suddenly completely quiet.


You can help a refugee in the UK reach their employment and education goals


Desperate Journeys

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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