AYS Daily Digest 24/08/17: “Don’t clean up the blood”: The aftermath of squat eviction in Italy

Greece: Pakistani man found most likely murdered / Samos conditions worsen / Boat smuggling refugees intercepted / Men found in poor health condition after being found in Croatian freight train / Refugees continue to be relocated to Spain / Reports of tear gas sprayed at refugees with no warning in France / Norway closing “surplus” of centres / UK asylum acceptance statistics and deportation statistics / And more news…

Humanity 2017. Photo credit: Luigi D’Alife

FEATURE: Horrific violence enacted upon refugees by police “evacuation”

Police “evacuated” refugees in a squat Piazza Indipiendenza in Rome and those squatting outside of it on the 24th with horrific force. Those inside the center were not spared, as can be seen in the below video.

Photo credit: Sonia Manzi




Five men were hospitalized, mostly with minor injuries and dehidration, after they were found in cargo containers at the Ogulin train station. One man was almost completely soaked in tar, which was transported in barrels inside the train, and needed more medical assistance. His condition is also stable, AYS is told unofficially. An unconfirmed count of eight more people were found on cargo trains in Karlovac earlier this morning. They were taken to the police station for questioning. Both groups presumably arrived from Serbia, on a train towards Italy. We’ve reported on several similar cases in the recent months, including one deadly train accident which happened at the Vinkovci train station in May.


164 refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen arrived in Spain from Greece on the 23rd via the relocation program. This happening in the continuing context of the recently invigorated route to Spain from North Africa. It is yet to be seen how the discourse around refugees will be affected in the wake of the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, but it is hoped that people will see that banning refugees and resisting people fleeing similar violence is not the solution.


Report from a volunteer in France:

Photo credit: Care4Calais


According to The Local, the Norwegian immigration authority is reducing capacity by a further 1600, claiming that there are many more spots compared to the number of asylum seekers needing them. However, the decision is expected to effect under-aged asylum seekers as they will have to be relocated to other spots. Even at the “peak” of the refugee crisis in 2015, Norway only had around 31,000 asylum seekers arrive. See the original story here.


According to statistics by the UK government, asylum applications in the UK have dropped by more than half in the last 15 years, with the sharpest decrease happening between the years 2002 and 2003. This from a report listing the number of asylum grantings this year at 16,211, a 7% increase over this same period last year. However the long-trend data shows that in spite of wide media discussion, the European sphere of the refugee crisis had little effect on successful asylum petitions in the US.

Statistics courtesy of Gov.UK

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