AYS Daily Digest 24/1/18: Storm to hit Lebanon, refugees at risk

“Storm Oscar” prepares to slam into Lebanon on Wednesday night / Situation is worsening in Afghanistan, STC backing out after team members’ deaths / Greece: Locals demonstrate hate towards refugees and volunteers around Vial / Croatian minister of interior still evades responsibility / France-UK: the new deal on family reunification / Indignation in Spain; new SAR actions / News from Libya, France, Spain, Germany and more

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headquarters / shack of the local fascist groups barring the new containers from accessing Vial (Photo: Leslie Meral Schick )

FEATURE — winter storm announced to hit Lebanon on Wednesday night

A fear of severe impacts for hundreds of thousands of refugees living in tents and substandard shelters in Lebanon was raised after it was announced winter storm “Oscar” prepares to slam into Lebanon onWednesday night.


A country NOT safe for ANYONE

Seven out of ten Afghan refugees who return home are forced to flee again due to violence, according to a new report.

Trapped in an endemic cycle of poverty, 80 per cent of internally displaced families NRC surveyed report taking on high levels of debt. Almost 20 per cent sent at least one child out to work


373 people were transferred from the island of Lesvos to the mainland, making it the highest number of transfers from islands this year.

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Local opposition turns fascist

Authorities on Chios are planning to lodge a new appeal against the ministry, taking out another injunction in a bid to block the planned expansion of the Vial camp, media report.

The oldest volunteer-run and donation-funded kitchen still serving refugees in all of Greece needs help

The CPK now provides lunch daily to the students of the refugee school, the unaccompanied minors at the Metadrasi shelter, and women at the Athena women’s center. In addition, every day, boxed warm lunches are distributed to refugees around town and there are the regular dry food distributions to thousands.
Consider supporting them: https://www.gofundme.com/refugeesupportgreece-italy





After the Government of Croatia has explicitly accused the CSOs for ‘having the mission of facilitating illegal transfer a large number of illegal migrants to EU countries’ because of their criticism against the illegal push-backs, parliamentarian Peđa Grbin has posed new questions to the President of the Croatian Parliament:


The court condemns the practices of immediate refoulement of unaccompanied minors

A young 12-year-old Eritrean was arrested by the French security forces when he arrived at the Menton-Garavan station. Reportedly, he was denied entry to the territory and was pushed back, illegally, the same day by train to Ventimiglia in Italy, with no information, support or official guidance to the responsible institutions in the neighboring country.
The judge of the Nice administrative court considers that the decision refusing entry into the territory is an unlawful and serious infringement of the best interests of the child, guaranteed by the international convention on the rights of the child.


Help get laundry facilities set up in at the L’Auberge des Migrants/ Help Refugees warehouse in Calais

Sponsor a month of running costs by pledging to raise 1000€ in your community (the first 2 months is already pledged). You’ll get updates showing how many sleeping bags, blankets, jackets, and other valuable donations are saved in the month you sponsor.
Follow Calais Laundry for more info.

Family reunification according to Sandhurst

Demanding international protection and family reunification; meeting with the prefecture and/or PADA official; filling out both forms that state the minor is demanding asylum AND family reunification and consequently, after being called to meet their “ad hoc administrator”, defending it with documentation to prove the person’s story… These are some of the steps to follow in the complex procedure of family reunification that is supposed to make transit from France to UK more humane, easier and less lethal. More info available in French here.


A raft with 40 people including 6 women has been rescued yesterday. Another boat disappeared with 47 people on board, Spanish authorities contacted Algerian authorities to search their waters. Since the beginning of the year, 22 people died crossing the sea to Spain.

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300 demonstrators joined the “Afghan outcry” initiative of civil society groups against the 9th collective deportation to Afghanistan in the past year. The “safe areas” that German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere speaks of while justifying deportations to Afghanistan don’t exist. The officials still seem to be “struggling” with their own problem regarding the deportations — there are not enough federal police to carry out the proposed deportations.
German media report that about 10,000 are allowed to stay for now because repatriation is not possible in the foreseeable future.

The cost of ‘Duldung’

For those who have not been granted asylum, access to state-funded language and integration classes is limited. While this saves the government expenses in the short term, it can also cause higher costs in the long term.
For people whose deportation has been temporarily halted and who do not have a sufficient income, it is the state who takes upon themselves to provide them with housing, health care, clothing and food, but from the 4th month onwards, municipalities take over.
Many countries refuse to accept deported asylum seekers if the German state does not supply identity documents that prove that the person had applied for asylum there. Read more in InfoMigrants story.


“Our lawyer told us that I have to do a DNA test. But he said I can only do it in the UK”

Thus, to prove his connection to his family, Ahmad has to do a DNA test in the UK; but to be able to do the test, he has to reach England first, which he is not allowed to do until his family reunification procedure is complete and approved, which can only be finalized… in the UK.


According to the media, on Tuesday evening the Libyan army managed to free a group of Sudanese migrants detained and tortured by Libyan human trafficking gangs. Most cases document torture and detainment, along with asking their families to send money before releasing them to continue their journeys.
Thousands of Sudanese are fleeing the country through Libya hoping to reach safety and the chance of a better life. Many of them are living nightmares along the route, but it is because of the spread of a video showing the five Sudanese hostages handcuffed, beaten and tortured by fire that this particular case has made it to the news. Thousands unfortunately don’t.


Legalizing documents at the German embassy in Beirut — attention

If you do family reunification through the embassy to Germany, it is a necessity to legalize all the relevant documents in the German embassy in Beirut. The Mobile Info Team has reached a lot of reports, that tricksters are trying to take advantage of this situation:

Monitoring threats to civic actors and journalists in Europe

The new platform http://civicspacewatch.eu/ monitors the citizens’ right to mobilise, organise, and act in order to change social and political structures around them. In the ‘Take action’ section, there is a mutual support scheme and a reporting point where activists can report new developments on the ground (abuses by the police, new laws restricting their ability to work or advocate, restriction to funds, physical or verbal attacks…) and ask for support from other civic actors in Europe.

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