AYS Daily Digest 24/11/2017 The world’s deadliest border

Reports of violence in Libya /// Incidents at sea in the Mediterranean /// Italy in breach of International laws /// Call for demonstration in Mytilene /// Overcrowding in Moria /// Galleria Bombi closed in Gorizia /// Bitter end for protesters from Cona /// Call for demonstration in Denmark /// Info and updates from: Libya, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, France and Denmark

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The Mediterranean is the world’s deadliest border

IOM published a report covering irregular trans-Mediterranean migration to Europe along various routes from the 1970s to now.

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Table from Four Decades of Cross-Mediterranean Undocumented Migration to Europe
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Graphs from Four Decades of Cross-Mediterranean Undocumented Migration to Europe

The highest number of fatalities (5,096) was recorded in 2016, when the short and relatively less dangerous route from Turkey to Greece was shut following the European Union–Turkey statement.

Policies that aim to shut down the routes that are safer and known, are deemed to fail in preventing people from attempting the crossing. They also cause more deaths, while opening up longer and more dangerous routes.

Stopping migration and eradicating deaths at sea may therefore be partly conflicting objectives.

The report also condemns the EU/Italian agreement with Libya.

Somebody finally says something sensible about Libya…

Mediterranean Sea

There have been two worrying incidents today. Firstly, the SOS Mediterranee rescue ship Aquarius was told by MRCC Rome to stand by as the Libyan Coastguard & Navy coordinated and intercepted 3 rubber boats in distress in international waters. They report that military aircraft were on scene monitoring the situation. It is believed that refugees and migrants trying to escape Libya have been returned. This is likely a breach of International Law.

Italy in breach of International Law

On the same day that the EU awards €40 million to Italy as emergency funding for migration policies, an article is published setting out the legal grounds of Italy being in breach of several international conventions on refoulement — the forced return of people to places where their lives or freedom would be threatened or where they would face a risk of torture.

Sea Eye

Today the crew of the Sea Fox rescued 76 people from the Libyan coast, including 13 women and 17 children. Among the survivors, there was also a heavily pregnant woman. They were then transferred to the Italian coast guard and are now on their way to Italy.


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Eric Gerhardsson


Prime Minister Tsipras has told a French newspaper he is “proud” of the living conditions of refugees on the Greek mainland. He believes that the 60,000 refugees on the mainland have access to medical care and education. Maybe he has forgotten about Derveni Camp were many still live in tents and find it difficult to access health care even though this is one of the reception camps for vulnerable cases being brought over from the islands.

Refugee Info Bus Update on travel to Germany

Call for Demonstration

Lesvos Coordination Movement for the Support of Refugee and Immigrants have called a demonstration on Saturday November 25th at 12:00 at Sappho Square, Mytilene.

Inhumane policies in Gorizia and Pordenone

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Picture by Forum Gorizia
Goriza. Without words.

Updates from the march from Cona

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We are dying in Cona camp

Data on arrivals in October

Praxis published a report on migration in the country in October. The numbers show an increase in arrivals from September: in October the organisation assisted 1274 newly arrived asylum seekers (901 adults and 373 children, including 188 unaccompanied and separated children), while in September they helped 956 people.

  • 397 (31.2%) came from Pakistan, which is a significantly higher percentage than in the previous period.
  • 213 (16.7%) came from Afghanistan.
  • 126 (9.9%) came from Iran, which is also a significant increase compared to the previous period in which they supported 26 Iranian asylum seekers, mainly due to the changes in VISA requirements for Iranian citizens.
  • 22 (1.7%) came from Syria.
  • 5 (0.4%) came from Algeria.
  • A total of 64 asylum seekers (5.0%) came from other countries: Bangladesh, India, Palestine, Libya, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Tunisia, Mali, Myanmar and Turkey.

Donations URGENTLY needed in Calais

From a volunteer:

Refugee language initiative is looking for volunteers

We demand that Denmark begin to protect the lives that we are required to protect.

We will march from Israel’s Square to the Ministry of Integration, where a memorial ceremony will be held for the deceased man from Algeria.

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