AYS Daily Digest 25/01/18: Chaotic “winds of change” bring little hope from above

Photo Credit: Art Against.


Bulgaria has taken the lead in pushing for new “migration reform,” having now assumed the presidency of the council of the European Union. Those who support the fair and equal treatment of refugees and migrants had a bitter taste in their mouth over the praise Bulgaria received from Juncker, who said that Bulgaria was an example to others in policy, including migration. Considering the large body of evidence showing systematic abuse and unlawful treatment of refugees, this development is disturbing.


Updates at a glance…

  • Three Algerians and one Pakistani under EU-Turkey deal
  • One Pakistani under the bilateral agreement
  • One Turk on the 22nd and two on the 24th by land under the EU-Turkey readmission agreement
“Chios has enough “space” for everybody but fascists”

Call for volunteer physicians and translators

The Syrian American Medical Society is in urgent need of volunteer physicians and translators! They operate on Chios, Leros, and Kos, and especially need Arabic and Sorani translators. Volunteers must commit to one week.


UNHCR Update

According to UNHCR, there have been 497 registered intentions to seek asylum in Serbia, 33% of which were minors. In addition, there have been 28 applications for asylum, zero persons granted refugee status, and one person granted subsidiary protection. Additionally, UNHCR noticed a small drop in the number of expulsions from Romania, Hungary, and Croatia, totaling 793 (down from 929 in December). Of these, 384 were from Croatia, 267 from Romania, and 142 from Hungary. Many stated that in the process of expulsion, they were denied the right to request asylum amongst other forms of maltreatment.


On Friday, February 3rd, there will be a demonstration held by Side by Side marching for rights and humanity in Chioggia, Italy. This march came out of a similar one held in Venice last year in reaction to the rising sentiment of racism on both an individual and institutional level.

Peacefully protesting. Photo credit: Askavusa Lampedusa

Italian volunteers needed in Rebbio

Volunteers are needed in Rebbio for Italian classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 20h30 to 22h00. For more information, go here.

Photo Credit: SolidariTea.


The School Bus—Mobile Education for Refugees team has a short, but no less disturbing update on the situation in northern France. After having to take time to organize outreach and support after several days of technical issues, they found their attempts to bring support subverted by increased police activity.


An in-depth report was published on the volunteering movement assisting refugees facing great resistance. The report also details the scandal earlier this month regarding Belgium’s Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration who was found to be colluding with the Sudanese government in taking back refugees who were fleeing political persecution, exposing them to torture. Watch for more testimony.


On January 26th at 15h00, there is a demonstration against the deportation camp at Kærshovedgård! In addition to being a deportation camp, it is also considered to have quite inhumane conditions. There’s still time to get involved; so, if you are in Copenhagen, click the link here!



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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.