AYS Daily Digest 25/01/18: Chaotic “winds of change” bring little hope from above

Photo Credit: Art Against.


“Greece’s immigration detention practices more generally raise several concerns, including: the country’s resistance to using alternatives to detention; its systematic detention of children; the issuing of detention orders that lack individual assessments; inadequate conditions of detention; and the use of police stations for immigration detention purposes. For these reasons, Greece’s detention system has attracted broad international condemnation — including from four UN Special Procedures and four UN human rights treaty bodies — and have prompted more than 20 rulings by the European Court of Human Rights.”

“The 30-year-old refugee of Pakistani KM, received rejection of his request for asylum before Christmas, and voluntarily went to police to file a request for a subsequent application for international protection, as he is entitled by law. Having the testimonies of doctors confirming the serious health problems he faces, he said he trusts the Greek justice.”


“The presence of the neo-Nazi organization is the greatest challenge to the democratic morals of the island, and the Municipality of Chios can not remain impregnable. The undercover members of the Nazi organization are unwanted in Chios. Chios of national resistance and democratic struggles in the strongest and most categorical way deplores the presence of the descendants of Nazism in our country”

“Chios has enough “space” for everybody but fascists”



“Social backgrounds promoting the demonstration “for humanity” on the next February 3rd, originated even in this case from the necessity of countering a local context that saw many xenophobic events and happenings. Just to mention few of them: the fascist beach in Sottomarina, the coward aggression against the migrants in Portogruaro, the beating of a young refugee in Sottomarina, the indecorous conditions of the welcoming procedure in the centre “Al Bragosso” in Chioggia.

Nonetheless, the demonstration on February 3rd originates especially from a public engagement in the rights of migrants as well as from welcoming and solidarity practices, born from the supportive realities of the Venetian area, that thus together are building an anti-racist shelter openly against the inhuman policies directed towards migrants.”

Peacefully protesting. Photo credit: Askavusa Lampedusa

“Recently there have been two babies under 4 months sleeping under the bridge. The youngest of which is 2 weeks old. She was staying with her mother IN A TENT for two nights before she was transferred to more stable accommodation.”

Photo Credit: SolidariTea.


“Heavy and provocative police activity, including the clearing of tents and sleeping bags and use of teargas, led to severe disruption at the largest migrant community. In an already highly tense situation, due to repercussions from last week’s political announcements, this rendered it impossible for us to attend, with the same problem for other organisations, including those distributing essentials”





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