AYS DAILY DIGEST 25.03.2017 — UN backtracks on statements, halves civilian deaths incurred over course of the war

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The result of a Saudi airstrike on Sana’a, Yemen, February 16, 2017. Photo Credit: AFP



One-third of children in Afghanistan unable to attend school


Nearly 4,000 civilians killed in Mosul since mid-February. This week’s violence leads to pause in the offensive.

Aid workers sift through the rubble in the aftermath of US airstrikes.


Suspected gas attack in Northern Hama leaves one doctor, at least one patient dead

Airstrike on prison in Idlib leaves at least 16 people dead

Rebel evacuation in Homs postponed until Monday


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People continue to sleep in shabby tents in Moria. Photo Credit: NoBorders

Refugee family in Athens urgently needs medical help



Hungarian Helsinki Committee releases new numbers on asylum seekers in Hungary

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Deportation to Afghanistan to take place on March 29


Kesha Niya Kitchen in Dunkirk to close shop in March 31 to regroup, but they still need help!

MSF schedules for next week in Paris


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Today’s demonstration in Rome. Photo Credit: Progetto20k

Activists from Northern Italy prevented from joining demonstrations in Rome


Unaccompanied child refugees to have their options expanded


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On the photo, you can see a little part of 160 pieces of cake that were served today.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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