AYS DAILY DIGEST 25/12/2016: Refugees in Bosnia criminalized and kept in prison-like facilities

Refugee children who enter Bosnia and Herzegovina are locked down in prison-like facilities and kept inside forup to 90 days with their parents // New arrivals to Greece // Greek government promised that by January 15 all the people should be living in a safe and warm places // Series of fascist attacks against refugees in Germany in December // People left in dreadful conditions all over France

Dark side of the city of lights. People, refugees, are left in the streets, including children, sick and eldrely. Photo by Agathe Nadimi


Even though Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the Balkan Route, nobody knows how many refugees went through the country or how many of them are currently residing there. Additionally, it is not possible to establish how many refugee children are in the country since they are not counted in the official numbers.


This morning a refugee boat carrying 41 people, including 3 children, landed on the South shore of Lesvos. All the people are safe and well.

At Karakas Lighthouse … looking toward Turkey from Lesvos. A treacherous boat trip for people fleeing war for a new life in Europe. By Dirty Girls of Lesvos.
Photo by Ruhi Loren Akhta


Fascist attacks in German against refugees are reported again. On December 24, an arson attack against a refugee shelter in Haldersleben was committed by a group of 4 men dressed in black who threw a Molotov cocktail. No one was injured and there was only minor damage.


In Paris, but also some other cities, too many people are in desperate need. They live in dreadful conditions, forced to live on the streets. Among them are children, sick people, elderly… Volunteers are with them and trying to help

By Agathe Nadimi

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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