AYS Daily Digest 26/01/2018 Protesters sew their mouths shut in Lampedusa

Chios authorities still trying to halt Vial camp expansion /// More people to be settled in Ritsona camp/// Extradition from Croatia to Turkey of Kurdish refugee temporarily halted /// EU to delay discussion over refugee quotas /// Police brutality in France /// Court ruling towards school inclusion in Baviaria /// ‘Stop Soros’ draft laws internationally condemned /// more from Greece, Serbia, Germany, France, and the EU

No Homeland, deport fascist (Photo by Subversion #1312)

Feature — Lampedusa: Protesters sew their mouth shut against deportation

“The demands are still to be transferred to Sicily all together and not to be repatriated.

Make travels legal, close the hotspot, de-militarise the island.

Wake up Lampedusa!”

The conditions on the tiny island are dire and many people end up being there for months. On 5th January, a 50-year-old man from Tunisia, Wallid (nicknamed Ali), took his own life in front of the “welcome” centre of the island. He was in need of psychological support and his case had been reported several times to the co-operative in charge of the management of the centre, in particular by other detainees who were concerned about his mental health. No action was taken. Ali was ordered to leave the territory but his transfer to Sicily had been postponed several times. This is one of many tragedies caused by the criminal policies of Fortress Europe.

30 people drowned off the Yemeni coast

At least 30 refugees are reported to have drowned off the coast of Aden, Yemen, after their boat capsized. There are believed to have been 152 people on board in total from Somalia and Ethiopia. Their ill-equipped vessel was bound for Djibouti and is thought to have capsized when the refugees were fired upon, causing panic.

Chios authorities appeal to block the expansion of Vial

Greek news outlets report that in “stepping up their conflict with the government over its plans to expand a state migrant reception facility on their island, local authorities on Chios have appealed to the Council of State (CoS), the country’s highest administrative court, in a bid to block the project.”

New language classes in Khora, Athens

Khora Community Centre is to start Saturday language classes in Farsi, Arabic and Spanish.

Extradition to Turkey temporarily halted

The Croatian Supreme Court has temporarily halted the extradition of Nurettin Orala, a Kurdish refugee who is wanted by the Turkish authorities. Mr. Orala has been living in Switzerland for 13 years with his wife and children, and has political asylum there. He visited Croatia for the summer holidays in 2017 and was apprehended by Croatian police based on the international warrant from Turkey.

Language classes timetable @ The Workshop Belgrade

‘Stop Soros’ Draft Laws Widely Condemned

by the European Centre for Non-for-profit Law (ECNL)

Asylum Statistics

Numbers from Germany as reported by Pro Asyl: From 2015 to September 2017, 63% of refugees (836,000) received protection and 90% of negative decisions went to court for appeal — in September 2017, there were 365,000 open cases at court. Of these appeals, 44% received a positive decision (for Afghans, the quota was even higher — 61%). Of the Syrians who appealed, mostly against limited “subsidiary” protection, 69% received full protection at court. Only a very small percentage of these decisions was revoked in the second instance.

An appropriate use of violence, Commissioner?

Two videos show the continued abuse and violence of the police in Northern France.

Help Refugees win right to Appeal Dubs

Help Refugees have been granted the right to appeal over the Dubs Agreement, with the hope that this will force the government to accept more unaccompanied minors through legal routes directly from France, Italy and Greece to the UK. The support them in their continued litigation and for more information look here.

Right To Escape

Jugend Rettet are calling for a social media action day on Sunday for the Right To Escape campaign. They ask that you post a photo and statement, story or video on the subject of the right to escape with the hashtag #RechtaufFlucht. Against the criminalization of escape!

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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