AYS DAILY DIGEST 26/05/17: G7 Summit opens as rescue ship enters distress nearby

Chilling statistics on what “route closure” means / Serbia volunteers report more people sleeping rough, need for NFIs / Croatian activists speak out against police brutality against minors / Italian police use emergency service calls to track down refugees / Hunger strike against deportations in Germany / horror in France as people scramble to escape the heat / more…

Hunger strike in Germany Photo credit: Refugee struggle for freedom


The G7 Summit opened in Italy today where representatives from seven of the most powerful countries in the world have met to discuss various global issues such as security, energy, and the economy. Understandably, it has become one of the most important events and opportunities for organizations and activists to speak out and make their voices heard. As U.S. President Trump continues his debacle-fraught European tour, many have voiced well-grounded alarm over his obstinacy and refusal to cooperate on crucial issues. The president of the European council, Donald Tusk, confessed that this would be “the most challenging G7 summit in years” as President Trump’s approach to topics such as trade, migration, and climate change are fundamentally at odds with the approach of many other participants.


The following video was shot to continue to bring awareness to the desperate situation on Chios. Many in the volunteering world were utterly flabbergasted as several official reports about Chios neglected to mention that the island is horrifically over-capacity, minimizing numbers in some ways and maximizing others in order to project the aura of control.

Video Credit: Refugee Info Bus
Photo Credit: Mobile Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. — Mobile Refugee Relief
Photo credit: Mobile Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. — Mobile Refugee Relief


Aid Delivery Mission reports that there is a great need for NFIs in Šid camp and the surrounding area. Fortunately, BelgrAID warehouse ran a delivery of basic NFIs to ADM, but there is still much more to be done. ADM reports:

Photo credit: Aid Delivery Mission


MigSzol Csoport released another post documenting their continued efforts to call for an official investigation into border violence against refugees and migrants at the Hungarian border. Despite their pleas, overwhelming evidence, and international attention by human rights organizations, deafening silence has prevailed in Hungary. Moreover, the government continues its push to try and control, demonize, and silence foreign-funded NGOs in a simple attempt to shut down any opposing voices. Thus we see how the conversation around refugees has become one that stretches into many different areas and domains of politics. Continue to watch Hungary.


Welcome Initiative and Center for Peace Studies in Croatia released a scathing condemnation of several instances of police violence towards unaccompanied minors. Several of the cases were of children who were within the Croatian institutional care system and were attempting to leave. After being intercepted by police, they were beaten and threatened with guns. The organizations are hoping that more outrage and public awareness of the increasing incidents of targeted violence against refugees and migrants in Croatia will help bring about a formal investigation.


A distressing report out of Italy that will only serve to push vulnerable people away from the emergency services they so desperately need. A young refugee man who sustained burns while cooking at an abandoned building needed serious medical attention; as a result, his friends called the emergency ambulance service for him. However, the ambulance brought a small surprise — a police car. Eighteen people were arrested and one was deported. The young man is still in hospital with serious burns.

Photo credit: InfoMigrants


In Ebersberg there is an ongoing hunger strike in protest against the increasingly restrictive asylum, monitoring, and deportation regulations that Germany recently instituted. After several days, however, with increased police harassment, more and more people are leaving the protest, often needing to go to the hospital.

Photo credit: Refugee struggle for freedom



An encouraging report from the Netherlands where a group of Somali men were able to successfully appeal and protest the evacuation of a recent squat. The squat, called Vluchtlumumba had been occupied since April of this year, and residents requested to be allowed to stay until July. Many of the residents have been in the Netherlands for decades now, and still lack enough support, finding it on their own. Read the full report here.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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