AYS Daily Digest 26/09/2017: Another date marks failed policies

New report on detention and violence in Greece // Shameful failure on relocation // Rescuers again threatened by Libya but stood firm // Suicide attempt on Kos // Arrivals continue in Greece // Doctors urgently needed on Lesvos // Children missing in Switzerland // Donations needed in France // UN report on mistreatment and killing of refugees // and more…

Today alone, LIFELINE rescued 200 people from the sea and refused giving then in to Libya


“The placement of unaccompanied children, many of whom have experienced traumatic travels and experiences, in these detention facilities for many weeks or months is difficult to understand”


“We told them we don’t return migrants to Libya”



Photo by #TurkishCoastGuard
Picture by Greek Asylum Service‏
Photo by ‎عشتار للهجرة واللجو

Black Sea


Reporting practices vary from canton to canton, meaning young migrants are not always reported missing as non-migrant children would be adding that this discrimination was “shocking” adds Valentina Darbellay of Swiss child aid agency”


Refugees “camp” by the asylum offices in Paris, queuing for days to apply — Photo by Care4Calais


The equal protection of all lives, regardless of migration status, is a central underpinning of the entire international human rights system: it must be upheld in the context of the movement of people and must form the foundation of all governmental and intergovernmental policies.

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