AYS Daily Digest 26/11: Refugees are freezing in the open, but EU leaders don’t care

Citizens of Europe, unlike decision makers in their countries, do care about those who need help /// Five boats with 112 people arrived at Chios today /// Another blackmail from Turkey to EU /// Bulgaria threatens expulsion of Afghan refugees/// Volunteers needed for the shifts of watching and scans the shore for boats in Greece/// New camp established in Paris

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Refugees inside an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade. Foto Matej Leskovsek.


Slight increase in number of new arrivals to Greece

A number of refugees staying on Greek islands is growing every day. Today on Chios, 112 people arrived, which is a slight increase compared to numbers from previous weeks.

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People are left to sleep in freezing cold all over Europe. Foto by IRC.


Important notice on family reunification!

Habibi team

Incredible news from Katsikas camp. A very dedicated team Habibi.Works from camp Katsikas completed the first stage of a geodesic dome!

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Team with magic hands. Habibi.Works

New camp opened in Northern Greece

More interesting info from Greece. Apparently, a new camp near Koutsochero, close to Larissa, is open for the people from Syria who were transferred from Cherso. The camp is sponsored from Emirates. Last week we reported that people living in Cherso had to burn all the wood from their Cultural Center to warm themselves.

Help if you can

Project Clothes continues delivering winter supplies to people in Northern Greece. They still need mens’ small winter jackets and jumpers and mens’ winter shoes 41 and 42.


Forced expulsions announced in December

The situation in Bulgaria is not settling. Local authorities are seriously ready to expel over 1,000 refugees who protested against restrictions on their freedom of movement. They are now moved to a former army barracks, but soon could be expelled, as Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said. People who are being threatened are by large from Afghanistan. Expulsion could happen in December, as Bulgarian media are reporting.


New camp in Paris

There is a new camp establishing itself not too far from the humanitarian center in Paris. So far there are around 140 people there. They are a mix of Afghan, Sudanese, Iranian, chad and Egyptian.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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