AYS DAILY DIGEST 27/12/2016: Weather conditions to deteriorate in Greece

Cold weather expected throughout Greece//Calls for donations in Greece// Refugees return to Calais //NGOs still active in Belgrade//Kelebija Community Center in Serbia forced to close//

. Pikpa, Lesvos. Photo by Knut Bry


Three boats with 86 people arrived today on Lesvos

Extremely cold weather expected throughout Greece

Notara26 needs funds to winter-proof its building

No Border Kitchen calls for donations

The Food Project needs help

Vasilika Camp: food boxes contain oil, eggs, sugar, tea, rice. Photo by Eko Project
Food shop at the Alexandreia refugee camp. Photo by Refugee Support Greece
In the Karamanlis and Frakapor refugee camps, people are able to buy additional food and items through a point system. There are no queues, people can chose and buy only what they need and consumer. Photo by Anas Kbabeh

Cafe Rits in Ritsona offers Syrian food


Vizbegovo camp almost empty


NGOs still active in Belgrade

Photo by MSF
Photo by Refugee Aid Miksalište

UNHCR reports on illegal deportations to Serbia

Afghan refugees stuck at the border

Kelebija Community Center forced to close

Photo By NorthStar


Refugees return to small camps near Calais


Image by Como senza frontiere

Guitars needed in Rome


Information on family reunification

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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