AYS Daily Digest 27/2/18: People pushed back even in severe conditions

Women have systematically been abused by aid workers across Syrian areas in desperate need of help — report / New reports of push backs along the remaining ‘Balkan Route’ / Details on the situation in Turkey / Lawyers oppose detainment on Greek islands / Many calls for help for across Europe / and more news and updates

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In the area of the provisional refugee camp in Rome (Photo: Baobab Experience)

FEATURE — Violent push backs in the Balkans

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One of the many images we have received from people on the move


Systematic abuse of Syrian women in war zones

No truce in the tortured land

“Clearly the situation on the ground is not such that convoys can go in or medical evacuations can go out”


Millions left vulnerable — what is the current situation?


Lawyers oppose compulsory detention

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lawyer of #KillahP was injured after GD fascist attack against Favela free social center at Piraeus on Sunday

Wrongly accused and imprisoned refugees released

Hit and run on a refugee minor on Chios

Family reunification transfers schedule

Balkan weather report







Officials supposed to be in charge of welcoming warn the (engaged) public of the refugees


Ventimiglia needs help

PayPal progetto20k@Gmail.Com
IBAN: IT10G0760105138272653472655 Francesco Alessandro Purpura

A call for help by the solidarity networks Eufemia — Info&Legal Point Progetto20kBaobab Experience: we need everyone’s help!

Honorary citizens as an initial impulse to better policies




Poorly drafter law



Detained women at a detention centre on hunger strike

Most women in Yarl’s Wood have been through the worst things possible including torture and rape, so the women are already traumatised before they get there.

Help reunite refugee families

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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