AYS DAILY DIGEST 28/01/2017: The events of today are so absurd that it is hard to believe this day ever really happened

Five refugees died on European soil during this week // No cash cards for people in squats in Athens // Streets of Paris covered with homeless refugees // Some of the EU member states plans to tighten their already very tight borders // Help is needed in Italy, Serbia and France // Solidarity needed all over the world

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“Bombing our country, Earning money by selling your guns, Destroying our houses, killing our families. and after all of that, closing your borders in front of us. Who is the real terrorists?” By Abdulazez Dukhan


European death trap in Greece

Five people died in refugee camps during this week. Among them, one 2 months old baby whose life started and ended in Ritsona camp. The baby lived in the camp even though she was born with some health issues. According to the local media, the police is investigating parents for child neglect.


1000 people arrived during one day

The situation is not much better in Italy, another EU member country where only on this Friday, around one thousand (1000) people arrived after being rescued from the sea. One dead body was recovered, the Italian coastguard told the media.

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Photo MSF Sea Kevin McElvaney
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By Rete Solidale Pordenone


Call for doctor to join volunteers in Subotica

Despite all the media attention and appeals, people are still out in the open in Serbia, among them children not older than 12 years. We are receiving calls for help from Belgrade, but also from Subotica where people are waiting and hoping to cross to the EU.

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Photo John Refugee.


New laws that will limit immigration

The government is planning a new laws to limit immigration, including laws to extended border controls, to control individual cars, installation of video surveillance on highways and trains, and that the railway companies, as well as taxi drivers, will be obliged to control whether their passengers are allowed to enter the country or they will be fined.


Tightening the borders

The government is planning to doubled police presence on the border with Austria. Media are reporting that authorities fear a “permanent refugee influx”. As result, that between the city of Lindau on Lake Constance and the town of Freilassing, in the southern state of Bavaria, situated directly across the border from the Austrian city of Salzburg, the number of permanently stationed policemen is to be increased from 550 to more than 1,100 in the coming years.

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Photo by Forum Afghanischer Migraten


Bad lesson thought by police

While tourists are taking pictures under the Eiffel Tower, down the road, about 20 minutes walk as Refugee Biriyani and Bananas team reports, hundreds of people are sleeping on the streets and under bridges.

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Photo by Refugee Biriyani and Bananas team.


Shame on you!

And finally, the most absurd information of the day: the new president closed the nation’s borders to Muslims. Two Syrian families have been denied entry upon arrival at Philadelphia Airport. According to the order, families fleeing the war in Syria will be indefinitely blocked from entering the country.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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