AYS Daily Digest 28/03/17: Mass deportation day for refugees in Sweden and Austria

Protests against deportations in Sweden, Austria and the UK |Police raids with arrests on Greek islands | Hungary puts its inhuman law into practice; another court decision out against Hungary | Austria, along with night deportations, wants out of the relocation process | German refugee language education system put into question

Austrians protest against deporting of the refugees and asylum seekers from Vienna, evening of the March 28 (Photo: Arye Wachsmuth)


Europe’s silent plan for sending people off to danger unravels with mass deportations

Photo: Lisa Yxmark
Photos: Lisa Yxmark
Ironically, the people traveling back to uncertainty and danger are leaving in “Privilege Style”, a Spanish company. The plane was heading to pick up others in Austria.


Infographics: CEAR


Police raid in Souda camp on Chios

Photo: City Plaza Squat‏

Prison, Food boxes, Spring on Lesvos…an update

Skype call information for urdu speakers

Opening a bank account in Greece

LGBT Support Group for Refugees is looking for a Project Manager

Farsi translator needed

“Children aged 3 & 4 waiting months for processing with their families in open refugee camps in Greece” — by: Citizens UK


The first day of school

“Do you remember your first day in school? Today we took kids refugees to their first day in new school in Serbia! Sitting around the round table and talking about school stuff we remembered our first day! We remember standing in line before entering this big door with our palms sweating! We remembered our dreams and hopes wondering what these kids must be thinking about at that moment?” (Photo: Refugees Foundation Serbia)


Hungarian detention centres ready to imprison hundreds

by HHC

Shocking lack of criticism and clarity by the European Commisioner


28 refugees, asylum seekers, slept on the street of Pordenone the past night, due to overcrowded underorganized welcome facilities (Photo: Rete Solidale Pordenone)


Night deportations and refusing relocation


A fail in refugee language programs?


Group deportations under way in the UK as well

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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