AYS Daily Digest: 28/04/17 Walls on top of walls

Three hospitals bombed in Idlib // EU expects to finish payments to Turkey this year // Squat evicted on Lesvos // Declaration from Dodecanese groups // Donations needed in France and Italy

Photo by Elena Seina



The regime and the Russians are trying to systematically target the remaining hospitals in Idlib to make life for people in liberated areas intolerable




Photo by MSF Sea



Photo by OHF Radio


Photo by Dråpen i Havet




Photo by Dråpen i Havet
Photo by Dråpen i Havet




Yesterday, the informal camp on the east side of Tiburtina train station was cleared out. Police disposed of every single tent, blanket and sleeping bag they could find and of all migrants’ personal belongings. It’s only thanks to citizens’ solidarity and donations that activists and volunteers were able to set up a brand new camp in a few hours to guarantee, yet again, a precarious assistance to vulnerable women and men.
Institutions continue being blind to this failure to assist people in need. We can not allow this to happen and we will not remain silent.
We are here to maintain that in Rome REFUGEES ARE WELCOME and that we will stand by their side.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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