AYS DAILY DIGEST: 28/12/2016: Erdogan’s Peace Plan: Dismemberment of Syria, War against Kurds

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Art Against. By Mohamed Ajeg


Turkey, Russia, and Iran agree on nationwide ceasefire in Syria

The Turkish About-face and the Kurdish Question


SB OverSeas sets up school for refugee children


Iraqi refugee in desperate need of medication!


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Refugee woman walks through the rain: Photo Credit: Muhammed Muheisen.

204 arrivals to the islands

Greek government releases refugee statistics through December

Greece promises to fix overcrowding in camps

Basque activists arrested while boarding ferry with refugees

Due to cold temperatures, two new shelters open for homeless in Athens

Tips for coping with the cold

Free eye checks, prescription glasses for refugees

No Border Kitchen Lesvos needs your help!


Refugees illegally pushed back in the Balkans

Today’s numbers for Miksalište


Group provides counseling for refugees.


55k chose to return to home country, 20k barred from entering Germany


Refugee dies trying to into England

Police filmed in the aftermath of teargas and rubber bullet attack against refugees

A reminder for volunteers


Unaccompanied refugee children from Calais sue UK government


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One of the three boats picked up by SOS Mditerranee last night.

Over 800 people were rescued by SOS Mediterranee last night

11 bodies found on Libyan beach

Lest we forget, a record number of people has died crossing the Mediterranean this year

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Please sign this petition for visas so that family can visit a terminally ill relative


A guide for locating missing family members

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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