AYS DAILY DIGEST 29/01/17 — No ban!

Series of protests against Trump’s “Muslim ban” in the US and internationally / More avoidable tragedies at sea in Italy and Spain / New restrictions at the Serbian-Hungarian border / Reaction from Chalkida Solidarity Initiative in the aftermath of Ritsona camp tragedy / Welcoming refugees in Rome

From the protest tonight at O’Hare Airport. Photo by Jacobin Magazine


In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s executive order imposing a ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen), numerous protests both within and outside of the US have been taking place. A significant number of protests are now emerging around the UK, fueled by former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage’s declaration that the UK should copy Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, and the lack of a direct response to Trump from Theresa May. i News shared a list of protest events being held not only in London but around the country.

Help Refugees offers WAYS TO HELP; “We must continue to make a show of solidarity with those from the list of ‘banned’ countries, and continue to make our collective voice heard by those in government.”

There are moments of terrible injustice throughout history where we look back and rightly ask — what did people do?



Hungary-based Sirius Help and Serbia-based Fresh Response have reported yet again on the tightening of already tight borders and new restrictions regarding asylum waiting lists. They have described the people stuck in the limbo at the Serbo-Hungarian border:


Many people are determined to help refugees in Serbia. However, it is important to keep in mind some legal obstacles and know the easiest and best ways to distribute aid. Here is some useful volunteer information from SoulWelders on bringing and distributing aid in Serbia, as well as what items are most needed at the moment.

Belgrade barracks, photo by John refugee


A web application aiming to facilitate access and provide useful cartographic data relating to the health services and hospitality hot spots in Greece has been developed. Find it here: http://geochoros.survey.ntua.gr/ekepy/ This tool is thanks to the Research Group for Geospatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GEOCHOROS), the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and was completed in collaboration with the National Health Operations Centre (E.K.EP.Y.).


The organisation Help Refugees and their partners Khora Community Centre are working hard on helping refugees to stay in Athens by providing them with a number of services such as dentistry, information, legal services, language classes, lessons for children, internet and more, six days a week. In order to keep doing this as well as realize future plans, like providing basic medical services for people who cannot afford treatment, they need our support. You can read more about them here and make a donation here.

Photo by Al Jazeera
Photo by Chalkida Solidarity Initiative to refugees-immigrants


205 people landed at Molo Favarolo this morning, after having been rescued by an Italian Navy ship and transported along a coastal navigation route by the Lampedusa coast guard. Among them were 26 women, including many in late stages of pregnancy, and 2 children. The body of a woman who died during the Mediterranean crossing was also taken to the dock, reports Mediterranean Hope.


A welcoming ceremony and a press briefing. Monday 30 January 2017 at 11:00 at Fiumicino airport, Terminal 2.

Benvenuti in Italia! Photo by nev.it
Photos by Baobab Experience


News of more avoidable tragedies at sea. The body of a six/seven year old boy was found on the coast of Barbate Cádiz, near the lighthouse, a local source reported. According to the authorities this took place on Friday morning. A representative of the Cádiz security forces announced it and Gabriel Delgado from the office for migrations confirmed. It is not yet clear whether the boy belonged to a group of five (four men and a woman) who drowned and were found last week. Another woman and a man were found lifeless in the waters at Tarifa. On the coast of Algeciras three men were found dead. It is assumed that the child is a resident of sub-Saharan Africa. To date, this event has found little mention in the media. Today a small note was made on ORF.at as well as on WELT.de/N24.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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