AYS Daily Digest 29/10/17: Court rules asylum seekers have the right to freedom of movement in Spain

Serious maltreatment of unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece/ Representative of the EC states “island residents are heroes”/ volunteer and aid needs across Greece / Ahmed H’s case continues / Afghan minister asks for Austrians to end deportations / Children detention practice in question in Sweden / Hunger strikes on Lesvos and in Denmark; and more news…

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Counting the people on the photo, during the day Salvamento Maritimo teams have rescued 85 people in their search and rescue operations (Photo: SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO‏)


Spanish Superior Court has ruled in favour of the asylum seekers in Ceuta, saying they have the right to move around the territory of the Peninsula upon reaching Ceuta.


The UN Refugee agency in their latest report say that 147,217 people entered Europe by sea, while the estimated number of dead or missing people who were on the same route, as of October 27, is 2,806.

255 people from 10 boats were rescued on the Spanish coast


Growing number of unaccompanied refugee children in urgent need of shelter, care and protection

Only a third of the nearly 3,000 unaccompanied refugee and migrant children currently in Greece are receiving proper shelter and care, UNICEF warned today. One of the most striking pieces of evidence that the authorities must do something to improve the protection of the youngest is the fact that the reception facilities for unaccompanied children on the islands are now hosting twice as many as they were designed for, compromising the safety and wellbeing of the children. For those children who have family elsewhere in Europe, UNICEF is urging other European countries to step up family reunification.


EC on the Greek situation

According to the vice president of the European Commission, their experience “has shown that it’s hard to get the support we provide in the spot where it is needed most.” This official was one of the main protagonists in the EU-Turkey deal and now he says that people whose asylum applications have been processed should be returned to Turkey as stipulated in the agreement. He also said:

Migrants must stay on the islands, despite the difficulties, because their transfer to the mainland would send a wrong message and create a new wave of arrivals.


A new electronic ticketing system is being introduced for the Athens public transport network, replacing the older paper tickets and cards. Find the updates here.


Do Your Part is looking for volunteers to join their volunteer team for November and December. Please email DYPLisa@gmail.com for info.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The officers working on asylum and other related professions should be provided trainings and LGBTI asylum seekers should be treated with respect and sensitivity and provided information in the course of the asylum procedure, the Human Rights Ombudsman recommended, as the Annual Report on the State of the Human Rights of LGBTI People in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) states. The problem lies in the fact that until now the adopted amendments to the Law on Asylum of BiH did not encompass sexual orientation and gender identity as possible reasons for persecution and they have not been explicitly recognised as grounds for asylum seeking.
The procedures need to be established which shall make possible for LGBTI asylum seekers to feel safe to speak about their sexual orientation or gender identity, and to remedy the social isolation and discrimination that LGBTI asylum seekers experience in asylum centres in an appropriate and systemic manner.


The trial of Ahmed H. continues tomorrow. It is going to be the court of first instance again. Here’s a report about the reasons from the previous trial.
You can join the decentral actions before the trial, or support the efforts by contributing to cover the costs and spread the word.


During his visit to Austria on Thursday, the Afghan Minister for Refugees expressed gratitude for the treatment of Afghan students in Austria, but also asked Austria to follow Germany’s example and stop deportations to Afghanistan due to security situation in the country.


Racist attack in Rome

Two young men from Bangladesh and from Egypt suffered a violent attack last night in Rome city centre. Racist slurs and offenses and the attack that followed came from five young Romans, all aged between 17 and 19. Police apprehended the attackers and held one accountable for attempted murder as the Egyptian ended up with serious injuries in the hospital.



Volunteer French Teacher for 30-35 refugees is needed for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Frinday for 3 hours a day and 12 hours a week.
Classroom and teaching equipment is provided.
For more information and if you want to help: Fa_cd@clubmember.org


Danish volunteers forward the message from the hunger strikers:


Questionable children detention practice

44 children have so far been taken into custody and held in detention before being deported, according to the official police’s statistics. People that are put in this kind of detention are for various reasons under a suspicion they might disappear before the day of the deportation.

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