AYS Daily Digest 29/06/17: EU funds for refugee support in Turkey are used to detain and deport them

Sweden insists on deporting Afghans / Thousands stuck in Raqqa / The Hague investigates Libyan coastguard / Arrivals to Crete / Protest at Cara di Mineo camp / Abuse in Calais continues despite court ruling / And more news…

“Build bridges, not walls!” (Photo by Sea-Watch)

FEATURE: Greece and Turkey moving forward

Of a sum of 811 million disbursed Euros, some 25% were transferred to the Turkish government. The Ministry of Health received 120 Million Euros, the Ministry of Education 90 Million Euros. After the world food program, these are the highest amounts, the EU paid to one actor. Another 12 Million Euro went to the general director of migration-management which is part of the Interior Ministry. Unicef received 34 Million Euro, the Red Cross 6,4 Million.

The EU Commission says that the refugees stay longer in Turkey than expected. Taking care of refugees in regular Turkish school and health system would be more effective and cheaper than ad-hoc-measures. A spokeswoman further ensured, that the major part of the money (1,6 Billion Euros allocated so far) should go to charities.

Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiation, Johannes Hahn said about the agreement in February 2016: “The Facility for Refugees in Turkey will go straight to the refugees, providing them with education, health and food. The improvement of living-conditions and the offering of a positive perspective will allow refugees to stay closer to their homes.” . In a press release the Commission also expressed:

“The EU will speed up the disbursement of funds from the €3 billion Facility for Refugees in Turkey. This funding will support Syrians in Turkey by providing access to food, shelter, education and healthcare”

Although in its first report the Commission stated, that 60 Million Euros will be disbursed to the Ministry of Education and not to independent partners for “reasons of efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and ownership” and expressed, that it is a special measure.

Another beneficiary of these funds was the Turkish Coast Guard: In May 2016 it has gained 20 million Euros through IOM to “search and rescue operations to save lives and enhance the protection of migrants and refugees and tackling irregular migration and trafficking.“

Overall 1,57 out of the 2,88 billion Euros will be committed to non-humanitarian support in Turkey. Of these 1,5 billion Euros some 660 million Euros have been contracted to Turkish governmental institutions. Another 565 million Euros have been contracted to banks (e.g. European Investment Bank, KfW or World Bank) for “socio-economic support”.

So the EU funds do not entirely go straight to support the refugees but also to detain and deport them. In its report from 13.06.17 the Commission also stated: “Due to the lower than expected number of returnees, the Special Measure on returns is also being modified to improve the Turkish Directorate-General for Migration Management’s capacity to manage, receive and host migrants and returnees, especially as concerns human resources and infrastructure. To date, the project has covered the costs incurred upon the returns of Syrians and non-Syrians as well as the purchase of logistical equipment by the Directorate-General for Migration Management and works to build a removal centre for 750 persons.” As mentioned above, the Directorate General received over 12 Million Euros.

According to the information from the Turkish authorities only 56 of the around 1000 non-Syrian refugees, who were transferred back from Greece to Turkey, applied for asylum in Turkey. Only two were granted international protection and 38 applications are pending, the rest was denied or rejected. But overall more than 700 people were returned to their countries of origin. About the conditions in Kayseri, where the non-Syrians are being hosted, the EU commission only states: “A recent visit by EU authorities was able to verify that the situation in the centre complies with the required standards.”


Alema Alema, one of the Afghan ministers, are asking the Swedish government to stop deportations since Afghanistan lack capacity to take care of the returnees. Svenska Dagbladets reporters have been interviewing the minister over the phone today. Since Afghanistan also is dealing with (and struggling with doing this in a dignified way) people returning from neighboring countries such as Iran and Pakistan they can’t give people deported from Sweden a good welcoming back.

Regardless of this the Swedish migration minister Morgan Johannsson is saying that the agreements made between the concerned parts still stands. He says that statements from individuals in the Afghan government can’t be taken into consideration, it is authorities decisions that stands firm. After all the troubles in the last weeks in Afghanistan, this arrogance is unbelievable.. Surely NATO is planning to send thousands of troops back because it’s a safe country.


Mediterranean Sea

At the same time, today about 5000 refugees landed in Italian ports. This was one day after Italy threatened it might close it´s ports to ships bringing in refugees due to the high numbers already in the country. One of those ports of landing was Calabria and almost one quarter of those disembarking the Aquarius from MSF today were unaccompanied children aged under 18 years.

Photo by MSF Sea


Also according the same paper, two Bulgarian nationals faced a prosecutor in northern Greece, Wednesday on charges of attempting to smuggle undocumented migrants into the country after authorities found 14 people hidden in a special compartment in the roof of their truck. The suspects, were stopped by police near the junction for Komotini on the Egnatia Highway and a subsequent inspection of the truck they were in revealed that 12 Pakistanis and 2 Indians had been hidden in the roof.

The were also 62 new registration on Samos and 4 on the group under “other islands”.

According to the ERCC, there has been 78756 arrivals in Italy this year and 8778 in Greece.

ECHO Daily Map

Also, and according to UNHCR, during June, 1701 refugees arrived to Greece, with a daily average of 65, slightly lower that May (68). The daily estimated departures from the islands to mainland are 39 people, being the estimated departures from islands to mainland overall in June 1172.

MSF cultural mediators are looking for an English teacher in Athens to take over a weekly Monday 5.30pm pre-intermediate English class for a small group of cultural mediators working for MSF in their Kypseli office. If interested please contact the person here.

The Refugee Language Initiative is also recruiting volunteers. They are currently looking for volunteer teachers of English and German, as well as teaching assistants, to work in Greece and Serbia. They are also seeking Arabic speakers for French and English tuition in Lebanon. If you are interested in fulfilling any of these roles, please contact them at info@refugeelanguageinitiative.org.

Also in Athens, Khora community centre will start giving classes for women from the 10th of July. The classes will be offered at four different skill levels, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.



There is about 3500 refugees at the camp right now according to the local media. The vast complex, a former US military base with streets evoking American suburbia has hosted nearly 4,000 in the past, but still too many live there and critics demanding its closure.

Beyond 10-foot razor wire fences, migrants divided by ethnicity and religion live in 403 yellow and pink houses, sleeping several to a room on foam mattress, eating in the canteen or cooking over small electric stoves in their back gardens. The residents sell clothes, food, cigarettes and phonecards at bazaars dotted around the centre, there’s even an illicit restaurant and a migrant-run taxi service.

Also today, in Milan, a fascist group entered in the council hall and attacked a stand and a delegation of “No One is Illegal” that was there as well to give the mayor a letter about citizenship law proposal, a document for the council about “residenza”, for the acknowledgement of living in a city or town and allow people to access schools, free healthcare, etc.

Photo by Nessuna Persona è Illegale


On Food distribution, It has not been deemed necessary to grant permission to build/open a food distribution point, since the distribution of meal and water is no longer forbidden on the north-west zone of the commune, between the port and the site of La Lande. Testimonials from various sources however report the actual halting of distribution by police. A reminder that associations are free to organise on the allocated sites, more than one food distribution per day, at the times agreed with the local authorities. Similarly food distribution vehicles need to be granted access / permission to park in the said locations. The groups distributing find need to distribute in the agreed locations only and should not interfere with the work of the police. As the fence put up on the site of distribution was erected at the request of a business owner nearby, and volunteer organisations cannot complain about that addition.


Help Refugees reported today that yesterday morning a group of refugees were arrested by the CRS and taken to detention centre’s. Their belongings including their duvets and sleeping bags were thrown away.

The men in white uniforms are from an external disposal agency. They come every day with the task of clearing away all the bedding that they can get their hands on. Not because it is rubbish but because It’s the only thing that provides a litte warmth and comfort to the hundreds of people who otherwise have to sleep directly on the cold, damp ground. This daily act, commissioned by the local authority, is one of many cruel tools employed to systematically dehumanise people, denying them of their basic needs, of their basic human rights. There are over 200 children sleeping rough in Calais. They NEED blankets and sleeping bags to stay warm. They are treated like animals. It’s completely unacceptable that this continues on a daily basis in Europe.

That’s why we’re in court in France, to protect the rights of those being abused.

With blankets and sleeping bags continually thrown away, there´s need for more to give out every day. If you have a spare blanket, or if you can hold a collection please email them on calaisdonations@gmail.com or donate here.


Photos by volunteers on the ground

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