AYS DAILY DIGEST 3/9: Italians are opening their homes for refugees

Only 5 percent of people relocated so far from Greece and Italy. Government is looking for solution for overcrowded islands in both countries. 65 cases of malaria registered in Greece. School year for refugees should start by the end of September. Warm welcome for refugees by people in Tuscany, Italy. Europe has no plan to open the borders and time soon. People in Šid, Serbia, want to impose restrictions on freedom of movement for refugees

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Under siege. By Therough refugee eyes.


11,662 people arrived this year

Borders will remain closed

Today, we heard several rumors about possible opening of the borders. Unfortunately, there are no official plans for something like that anytime soon. The Mobile Info Team for refugees in Greece reports about the rumor that Germany wants to take 300,000 people.

School year for refugees to start by the end of September

Kids in Greece started their school year this week. All, but refugee kids whose only opportunity to go to school are cultural centers and schools inside camps run by volunteers and refugees themselves. Earlier, Greek government promised that refugee children will be involved in an education system by the end of September.

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“Try to realize!
Try to imagine what we were able to do in that time.
Seven months, we were able to learn new language, continue our school or start new work
when we left our country we were dreaming to find new way, to build our life and then when the war in Syria will stop we will be back in our country to build it again, it’s not so big dreams to continue your school, to live safe and to work But the world saw it so big for us .. every time we are looking at the mirror it’s the same we still here in Greece, just date is changing, just the time.” By Through refugee eyes.

Call for help


4,400 refugees in Serbia

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Photo by Mitra Nazar in Belgrade.

Petition for restriction on freedom of movement

Local authorities in Šid are demanding from the government to reconsider asylum center in this town and to increase security. Locals are accusing refugees of different criminal offenses. The Security Council of the town established a fact-finding commission with the task to investigate the “harm made by refugees”. The Council announced that if nothing is done by the government, they will demand the relocation of the Center. Meanwhile, people from Šid are signing a petition demanding the restriction of freedom of movement for asylum seekers. During the first day, 650 people signed the petition. The population of Šid is around 15.000.

New center for refugees in Belgrade

Refugees Foundation has opened a center for refugees to relax and take part in many different activities while in Belgrade.

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Place to rest, socialize and relax. Photo by Refugees Foundation Serbia


Number of new arrivals to Italy on par with the last year

During the last week, UNHCR registered 1,953 new arrivals to Italy by sea. The number of arrivals in 2016 continues to be on par with 2015: 105,628 this year, compared to 116,149 in the same period the previous year.

Arrested in attempt to help refugees

Swiss socialist deputy Lisa Bosia Mirra, president of Associazione Firdaus, has been arrested by the border police in Stabio, on the border with Italy, while taking four minor refugees to Switzerland. She is accused of “favoring clandestine migration”.

Good people of Tuscany

Letitia (journalist) and Sergio (graphic designer) are the first couple in Tuscany to host a refugee as a part of the regional project, local media are reporting.

“In this society, children grow up unhappy; we want to teach ours the smile and the luck they have been having. Hosting an asylum seeker in our family will not only support him but also help us educating our children, through the world’s injustice and their luck”.

The trial period is three months; the new inhabitant will be a man (women and children are in protected structures), coming from a receiving center in Florence. The family will receive a per-diem of 16 euros, while other 16 will go to the cooperative Il Cenacolo, which guarantees legal assistance, courses of Italian language and vocational training, along with 2,50€ pocket money.


September 17th is almost here

Volunteers in the UK are calling all to join them in solidarity with the refugees. They plan a march toward the Parliament Square.

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Photo Care4Calais

“We want to tell the government that we are waiting to help. The UK should be leading the way and working with other states to give refugees safe, legal routes to asylum, ending the trade in people smuggling.
We know that public pressure can make a difference. So save the day and make your voice heard!”

Join the event and get more info.

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