AYS Daily Digest 30.09.17: Sick of Waiting Protests take place across Europe

Refugees protest in Athens as part of the ‘Sick of Waiting’ campaign. Photo AYS.


Today starting at 5pm, groups of people across Europe took to staging demonstrations dubbed the “Sick of Waiting” movement. Related tweets are found under the #TimeIsUp30s hashtag. The cause for the protests? The EU’s shameful handling of the relocation program. The relocation program is one of the many promises that has gone unfulfilled. The EU had promised that approximately 120,000 refugee families would be relocated throughout the zone by September 2017, and yet we have reached the end of September with only three-quarters of this figure relocated. The movement stands against this European failure, as well as the general unwelcoming attitudes toward refugees, such as the failure to provide livable accommodations in many parts of Greece and Italy and the easing of relocation requirements.

Sick of Waiting demonstration in Asturias, Spain.
Sick of Waiting demonstration in Rome, Italy.


Experienced dentist needed in Beqaa

A dentist volunteer is greatly needed in Beqaa for a period of five to seven days. Your transportation and accommodations will be taken care of for the duration of your stay. The majority of the work will be extractions. If you are somebody who could meet this need, please send an email to medical.unit@sdaid.org.


Turkey deports 150 refugees to Syria, several reportedly abducted by Islamist militia

Turkish reporter Aylina Kılıç reported on Twitter that the Turkish state has deported 150 Kurdish refugees who were captured trying to cross into Europe. The group is largely exiles from the Kurdish region of Iraq, but they have been deported to Syria in the meantime.


Spike in arrivals creates tensions in Aegean hotspots

An issue that seems to constantly loom over Greece’s shoulder, the processing of refugee applications, has continued at the same slow pace. Many find that they are cooped up on the islands for months, even after their asylum application is approved. On Friday, the Greek Migration Policy Minister spoke before Parliament to account for the increased number of arrivals. In the month of September, 3,500 refugees have landed on the island, exerting particular pressure on the infrastructure on Samos and Lesvos, where 3,000 are crammed into accommodations designed for 700 people in the case of the former, and 4,700 in camps designed for 2,500 people in the latter.

Intervolve team brings planting boxes to hundreds of families

Intervolve, in collaboration with a number of other organizations, is distributing planting boxes to refugees living in Thessaloniki. Each family is entitled to a box, as well as soil, compost, and seedlings, to start their own mini-gardens. For now, the families will be able to grow lettuce and onions. So far 300 such kits have been assembled.

Schoolbox Project searches for new volunteers

IOM posts guide for legal practitioners in Greece


AYS condemns ceremony honoring dog trained to capture refugees at the border

Earlier today, we published a statement on our page condemning the brazen disregard for refugees’ lives and wellbeing exercised by police at the border. An English translation of the statement has been prepared below:

An update on the situation in Porin

As we reported yesterday, the police raided the Porin center in Zagreb and confiscated all electrical devices, citing rules that appliances are forbidden in the compound. After much deliberation, the police say they will provide a refrigerator as a medical storage unit in one of their rooms, which they claim will be available around the clock to the refugees who need to store medicines. They need to label the medicine and tell the security officer which medicine is theirs. AYS is concerned about the complications that may arise from this arrangement, especially during the night and weekends, and we will monitor closely.


Hundreds sleep rough in Dunkirk

An activist has documented the creation of a new impromptu camp in the Grand-Synthe area. To use the word ‘camp’ however is it give only a very loose idea of what that word entails. According to an eyewitness, none of the group of nearly 500 people have a tent nor a tarp, and so they must sleep in the open air, or, at best, under a bridge. The refugees’ lack of even the most rudimentary shelter poses a serious problem now that autumn has come and the temperatures are dropping. The police continue their brutal reprisals in the hope that people will ultimately give up and leave. But where can they return? To their war-torn and economically ravaged homelands? If their commitment was great enough to brave the open seas and spend their savings just to have a shot at life, will they be so easily dissuaded by the vile raids of the police? Any of this is, of course, highly unlikely, and the French state knows it.


Mission Lifeline fundraising for its missions

Mission Lifeline is one of the many NGOs who continue to perform search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean even as the European and Libyan authorities make it increasingly hard for them to do so. In such a fraught climate, their work comes with even more expenses than usual, so they have launched another fundraiser to offset their operating costs. If you have the means to donate, you may do so by following the below link.

Seefuchs has rescued five who had been at sea for 20 hours


Paper provides an in-depth analysis of refugees’ access to money, spending habits

A paper released by the Henry J. Leir Institute for Human Security offers an analysis of the financial situation of refugees living in Greece, Turkey, and Jordan. The paper seeks to elucidate the answers to commonly asked questions such as the source of refugees’ money, how they spend this money, money as a mediating force between refugees and institutions, and the effects that identities such as religion, ethnicity, and gender have on refugees’ habits. This paper will prove useful for those interested in pursuing a data-based analysis of refugee life.



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