AYS DAILY DIGEST 30.1.17 — Third man in Moria Camp dies, another hospitalized.

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A third man has been found dead in Moria on Lesvos. An additional 2 people have died this week, one in Samos and one in Ritsona. The tentmate of the deceased has been hospitalized. With three dead and another sick on Lesvos, the story has begun to build panic and the Greek Minister of Migration has called for an investigation. These deaths are bringing attention to the elephant in the room — namely, the poor shape of accommodation in the camp, and especially, the poor job they do of sheltering refugees from the elements.


Photos from Souda Camp capture the precariousness of life on the islands

Sometimes, it is difficult to believe just how bad conditions are on the islands. As the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. These refugees live in shoddy tents right on the shore, and their only source of heating is a weak fire burning under the ruins! When we speak of unacceptable conditions, this is what people should keep in mind. Fortunately, most refugees are not quite this poorly treated, but the failure of the system to care for even a handful of helpless people should be taken as an affront to all.

New edition of Rumour Debunkings released

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Classes for refugee children open in Athens

Located at 40 Akominatou Street, the classes are open to refugees aged 6–17, with the goal of getting them to a level where they may enroll in Greek schools. A second location will open in February at 34 Koletti Street. The classes will take place from 4pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday. More information may be found below.

InterVolve releases class schedule in Softex for next week


According to official figures, there have been 92 registrations, 40 on Leros and 52 on other islands. There have also been reports of 30 arrivals on Lesvos.

EKO Kitchen to cease operations in Vasilika

Support group for LGBT refugees in Greece founded

The group, which has been active since August, may be found on a closed Facebook page here. The group also launched a helpline in December, available for both Arabic and Farsi speakers. Telephone numbers are as follows:


Cars of Hope Wuppertal begins soup kitchen project in Belgrade, asks for your support

Their statement, which may be read below in the original German, is as follows:


Mediterranean deaths continue to steadily rise

Although far fewer people undertook the Mediterranean crossing in 2016 than 2015, larger numbers of people were killed en route to safety in Europe. This trend is not showing signs of improvement, in fact it appears to be worsening. Statistics compiled by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) show that 246 people were reported dead this month as of January 25, compared to 210 through January 25, 2016.


European Commission reports progress in the formation of a new Border and Coast Guard

The European Border and Coast Guard currently has 1,550 officers deployed, according to an official press release. The agency’s unique role gives it the power to operate in third countries, and it was founded precisely so that it could operate where Frontex could not. Its main role, however, seems to be in carrying out deportations. Since October 2016, the agency has deported 3,421 refugees to the country in which they were fingerprinted, a greater amount than all such operations carried out in the whole of 2015.


Rooms offered to those stranded in the UK because of Trump immigration ban

Those who find themselves unable to return to the US because of Donald Trump’s racist policies can have one fewer thing to worry about, with sympathetic people from London and the UK in general offering their rooms until such people may return home. The efforts are being organized in a Facebook group, which may be found here.


Black Lives Matters in Toronto calls for action against Islamophobia and racism

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