AYS Daily Digest 30/5/17: Sweden to deport more people to Afghanistan

Sweden to deport children to war-torn Afghanistan // Protest against deportations from Sweden to Afghanistan // The EU remembers solidarity // Conditions on Chios continues to deteriorate // Sid camp closed in Serbia // Deportation of 16 Afghans from Sweden tonight // And more news…

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New deportation to Afghanistan announced for today

The plane that will deport people, mostly children, from Sweden to Afganistan, will take off from Kastrups airport in north Denmark, just a short drive from south of Sweden. The latest info is that the plane will leave tonight as scheduled regardless of the protests that are scheduled for Wednesday. The deportation will take place just one day after dozens people were killed in an explosion in Kabul.

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EU remembers that solidarity is one of its core values, but…

In a try to stop the declining of solidarity across Europe, the European Commission today released information that they will propose 341 million euro to the European Solidarity Corps to be distributed between 2018 and 2020.



“Families should be together. However, in April the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maziere, limited family reunification transfers from Greece to 70 per month. This means people in Greece, many of whom have not seen their family members for more than a year already, will be forced to wait even longer. Some are sick and in need of assistance. Some are suffering from trauma and psychological illnesses. All of them need to be with their families”

Support for the LGBT groups

LGBTQ refugees and vulnerable groups needs support and information. Here are a sheet with info and contacts both on the islands and on mainland that are being put together. If you have info about something on the subject or want to add yourself to the research network and document that will be handed out in Greece, do it here.


Refugee Twinning project is put up by the NGO Second Tree and aims to connect refugee families with local Greeks. Here is the full program with activities during June and July. Personal connections and relations is a key to integration and feeling at home in a new place.



Photo: Niels Franke, Be Aware and Share.
Photo: Philippa Kempson


A portugese team (part of Frontex) last night rescued 14 refugees around Samos, 4 women and 10 men. They had ran out of fuel and had been drifting for hours before they were found. Some were wet and showed signs of hypothermia. There were also 41 official registrations on the island today.


New law concerning migrants and refugees

In Italy there is a gathering of signatures that supports a new and more inclusive law for migrants and refugees. In Milan the signatures are collected and they need to collect 50.000 to hand in the proposal to the Parliament.

Bologna University opens for refugees

To receive a decision on ones asylum claim can be both a long and emotionally hard waiting time. This initiative makes the waiting time a bit more valuable. The Bologna University is offering refugees the chance get access to education.

Baobab in action

Baobab experience is working to include and to give asylum seekers or migrants on transit routes good experiences in Italy, not only give them food and other more hands on necessary things. Culture and experiences are equally important but in different ways. Both are needed to continue feeling human. This photo project shows pictures taken in an informal camps of the residents themselves. It’s all about empowerment, and to let the people of concern show their reality the way they experience it.


Volunteers needed

Refugee Youth Service are looking for new volunteers that can help them to run their education and activities. They are located in Calais and has daily activities for 10–18 year olds. Their working hours are 11.30 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday. Get in touch at ryseducation@gmail.com and they will get back to you soon.

Photo: Refugee Youth Service


The government is closing camp in Šid

The camp in Šid will be closed down very soon, as Aleksandar Vulin said on Tuesday. In fact, it already is being emptied. It went quickly this time. The camp in Šid is going down as we speaks and people are transferred to Adaševci and Principovac, but many are refusing this transfer and choosing to stay out, mostly in the forests close to the border.

People not numbers

People continues to move on though the Balkans even though the borders are officially closed. From the 22th to 28th of May, according to the UNHCR numbers, 97 collective expulsions were recorded from Croatia to Serbia, with many alleging to have been denied access to asylum procedures. Over the same period of time, 7 people were pushed back from Hungary and 16 from Romania.


Case against Theresa May

The court of appeal on the 25th of may ruled that Theresa May was breaking the law when she was Home Secretary in 2014. In 1998 a total of 75 people, and among them some children as well, were washed up on the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBA), which is two British areas close to Cyprus. The people arriving on the boats was given refugee status during the 1951 UN-refugee convention after initially being detained for some months. During May’s time as Home Secretary she refused to take legal responsibility for the people of concern, that for 18 years had been living under bad circumstances in old military accomodations that were to be demolished back in 1997, but wasn’t.

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