AYS Daily Digest 30/8/17: Thousands missing, many more awake scared instead of sleeping in Europe’s woods and fields

Thousands of people missing en route / Shocking conditions in Libyan detention camps / Scandalous silence about the violation of human rights in Turkey / Afghan protest ends in a possible agreement with the police / New rescues at sea / Volunteer opportunities in Greece / Tensions in Calais and Paris build up / Updates from other places / And more news…

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Poster on a wall of a Calais building (Photo by Calais Solidarity‏)

FEATURE: International Day of the Disappeared

Each nameless death or a missing person in or outside of the statistics represents a devastated family missing a loved one.

The AYS team is currently in search for aid of several young people whose families and friends can’t get hold of them as they’ve gone missing along the way of heading towards what they thought was a safer place, a safe continent, and a place that guaranteed respect for human rights.


Horrors in Libyan detention centres

The Western media is ‘discovering’ the already well rehearsed and running practice we wrote about previously, of the Libyan paramilitaries, officials, the country itself, and — us.


“We have been working a lot during the last months and with your help and support we are able now to introduce you our rescue vessel: Lifeline. It’s now in Malta waiting for the very first crew members. In a few days, we will head to SAR (search and rescue) areas. We just want to thank you for all your donations and support. Now we are ready to save lives.”


Scandalous silence about the violation of human rights in Turkey

The situation with regards to serious human rights violations in Turkey is deteriorating. Particularly worrying is the routine violation of the basic rights of Syrian refugees in Turkey, as well as the repeated incidents of Syrian torture by Turkish soldiers. Shocking are scenes in video recently published by international media, showing Turkish soldiers torturing, abusing, and humiliating refugees from Syria who have just crossed the border, Greek sources explain. The media targeting of refugee support organizations virtually ends any possibility of monitoring and supporting refugees returned from Greece to Turkey and announces new arrests of human rights activists.


A total of 302 migrants, mostly from Syria, have crossed to Cyprus by boat from Turkey up until June, bringing the total number of registered asylum seekers to 1,884 in the first six months of 2017.


A statement on Lesbos Lesbos

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“These photos are a symbol of disaster. A disaster consisting of immorality, the collapse of humanity, and the collapse of compassion. We have fallen. We have fallen to the point where these pictures do not make us feel any pain, where they do not make our hearts beat faster, where they do not make us rise up against fascism and against the State; a State that is governed by men with bloody hands.
The people in these photos are the very same people who have been displaced and exiled by dirty policies and by monstrous powerful corporations. They are the very same people who have been bombed, forced to leave their homes, their countries, and who have ultimately sought refuge in Europe. Do you consider this the refuge? Is this the warm embace you have provided them with? Is this how you welcome women and children seeking refuge? Shame on you; you fascists! Shame on you; you politicians who gamble with the blood of children. Your firearm industry glares into our tired eyes! It shines into the eyes of the children who you continue to humiliate merely for seeking refugee in your country!
You smell like an abscess; you people who foster situations such as those shown in these photos.” — Arash Hampay

Afghan asylum seekers’ occupation of Sappho Square in Lesbos ends

- Authorities promise to resolve all cases within two days, or face further action
- The protesters faced violent night-time attack and abuse from an off-duty Moria prison guard

Please read the official statement here.


New arrivals and registrations

100 people were officially registered arriving to Greece since yesterday: 82 on Lesbos, seven on Samos, 10 on Kos, and one on one of the other Greek Aegean islands.

Athens: Khora’s donation wishlist

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Khora’s wishlist for donations

Housing in Larissa

Up to 420 refugees will be settled in 70 apartments in Larissa, following the convention of the Municipality of Larissa and the UNHCR, which is approved today by the Municipality of Larissa. The apartments, ranging from 60 to 90 square meters, will accommodate refugees who are currently in the hospitality centre of Koutsoheros. The local officials have, however, expressed their limits in proceeding with the deal of the UNHCR. Following the previous call to the citizens and flat owners, about 50 apartments have been found, while the open call for interest to apartment owners is expected to be announced next, Greek sources report.

Free online language lessons

For whom?

  • asylum applicants
  • immigrants
  • resident permit holders

Volunteering opportunities

We Are Here — Community Centre in Nea Kavala is looking for volunteers to boost up their team that is working in organizing social, educational and cultural activities at the camp that currently hosts around 800 people and in located in a fairly isolated area, where these activities also provide psycho-social help on an individual base through the organized activities proposed by the group. Contact them if you wish to join the team.

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“Do we want integration or exclusion?” Greek Forum of Migrants shares refugee stories, some of the examples of exlusion in the place of integration in European societies


Minimum standards required in transit zones

NGOs “on trial”

Civil society groups in Hungary said Wednesday they have filed a challenge with the country’s constitutional court against a law targeting foreign-funded organisations that critics argue is aimed at stifling anti-government dissent, Hungarian media sources say. 23 NGOs, including several human rights groups and anti-corruption bodies, sent the joint complaint Tuesday to the court protesting the “transparency” law. The HHC also plans to continue legal challenges in Strasbourg at the human rights court.


New arrivals

Empty buildings for displaced migrants and refugees

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti is set to propose a series of measures to relocate migrants who are evicted from occupied buildings. He has also put forward the idea that properties confiscated from the mafia could be used as relocation centres.


One migrant has been taken to hospital in Rome after clashes between local residents of the area of Tiburtino III and residents of the reception centre of Via Frantoio, Italian media report. The migrant in question seemed to have thrown some stones in the direction of youngsters who were laughing at him. Although he reportedly didn’t hit anyone, once the teenagers went back home, one of the mothers gathered other local residents, and broke into the centre ‘to make justice.’ When police arrived there have already been clashes and authorities are still investigating.

Rosarno — San Ferdinando residents still defy demolition

Formal residents of the makeshift camp have reportedly blocked the proceeding of the demolition with their bodies. They claim their right to use houses of the Villaggio Italia which was built to house migrants, closed due to mafia infiltrations.

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Photo: Comitato Lavoratori delle Campagne


Calais — “Bouchart coupable de traitement inhumain et dégradant”

(Calais—Bouchard, guilty of inhumane and degrading treatment”)

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(Photo by French media)


Yesterday evening the officers have gathered and ordered to turn people away from the sidewalks of Terre d’Asile in Paris. Like elsewhere, the instruction was to not let the asylum seekers stay anywhere.

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Peaceful reminder to the citizens of peaceful towns (Photo by Calais Solidarity‏)


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