AYS Daily Digest 31/08/18: Immigration detention in Libya a “Human Rights Crisis”

Clashes in Tripoli put the lives of refugees in grave danger//ERCI response to police accusations//Donations needed for Lesvos//Aftermath of Chemnitz riots//

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“Some of these people were trapped for more than 48 hours in an area affected by heavy shelling without any access to food. Others who were released had no choice but to flee to nearby neighbourhoods where they were at risk of being caught in the crossfire”.

The Global Detention Project describes immigration detention in Libya as a “Human Rights Crisis”:

“There are frequent shortages of water and food; over-crowding is endemic; detainees can experience physical mistreatment and torture; forced labour and slavery are rife; and there is a stark absence of oversight and regulation”.

Italy and the EU however continue to broker deals with various Libyan
forces and to support the Libyan coastguard in its efforts to bring refugees back to Libya.


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ERCI response to police accusations

Many ill-informed articles and media reports are contradicted by the financial data that our organization has made available to the Greek authorities. It is important to highlight that this financial data has been verified by an internationally respected and accredited auditing firm. Additionally, the investigation of the Greek authorities is still ongoing, and we are certain that many of the unfounded claims, accusations and charges will be quashed, allowing the truth to prevail and justice to be served.

The Bard College Berlin has also released a statement on Sara Mardini, who is a scholarship recipient of the university:

“We are in close contact with Sara’s legal counsel and these charges seem more about halting the operations of the NGO in question than about any actions of Sara or her fellow volunteer,” said Dr. Florian Becker, Managing Director of Bard College Berlin. “A long period of imprisonment in Greece awaiting a potential trial would be devastating for Sara and her life plans. We will leave no stone unturned to get Sara released from prison, so that she can spend this time in Berlin and continue her studies, which she has earned with so much difficulty.”

Moria, the worst refugee camp on earth

Donations needed for Lesvos

Hunger strike in Rhodes


Length of immigration detention increases


People abandoned in Trento

Food donations needed in Rome

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Baobab Experience is looking to widen the network of shops and market stalls who would be up for giving them their surplus food in order for Baobab to sustain the three meals a day they offer to those living in Piazzale Maslax. Please get in touch if you have an idea of how to support them. You can also support them financially here. Baobab experience has been supporting refugees in Rome since 2015.

Protest for better living conditions

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According to Comitato Lavoratori delle Campagne, residents of the makeshift camp of Borgo Mezzanone demonstrated this morning in front of the municipality offices in order to demand the collection of garbage and access to housing, water and electricity. For a long time they have been waiting to understand what their future will be like and tomorrow morning a meeting is finally scheduled with the relevant authorities.


Chemnitz aftermath

A series of articles in the Times examine the events in and surrounding the recent violence in Chemnitz. It says the atmosphere has become so hostile since the death of Daniel Hillig last Saturday that many migrants in the city now fear going to the shops. The paper says Chemnitz is “unhappy and divided”, and its small immigrant population is “cowed and scared”. Saxony Prime Minister Kretschmer appeared unprepared for the hostile reaction that greeted his address to a group of locals in Chemnitz on Thursday, as the paper describes the city as “a symbol of the relentless rise of the hard right in Germany” and predicts it is likely to remain a flashpoint.

On Monday, a concert will take place in Chemnitz to show solidarity with those attacked by neonazis last Sunday and Monday and to show their disgust to those instrumentalising a murder to express their racism. A nationwide “United against Racism” protest will also take place in Hamburg on September 29, with buses coming from more than 20 cities.

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Measures restricting “church asylum” contradict case law

The maximum period for the implementation of a Dublin transfer can be extended from 6 to 18 months on the ground that the applicant has “absconded”. Under the BAMF rules, which took effect on 1 August 2018, such an extension can be ordered when church asylum is not notified on the day it is provided and when church asylum is only provided after a negative decision from the BAMF.

In a majority of cases however, courts have ruled that a person receiving church asylum whose whereabouts are reported to the BAMF cannot be considered as “absconding” from the Dublin procedure.


Refugees at Home needs support

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