AYS Daily Digest 31/08/17: Humans crushed in the cogs of bureaucracy

Photo credit: Severino Proserpio Maspes, Libyan detention

FEATURE: Humans crushed in the cogs of bureaucracy

As can happen due to intense circumstances, a woman went into labor shortly after her arrival on the Island of Lesvos. The brief account comes from Philippa Kempson:


Enrollment in school now open. Although the target demographic for the Zone of Educational Priorities program (the program through which children are attending school) is for children living outside of official camps, children inside camps are also allowed to attend. The Greek academic year begins on September 11th! Read more here for information on how to enroll. Furthermore, those who have problems registering their children can email eswg.greece@gmail.com in their native language.

Photo Credit: Refugee Village for Freedom
Photo credit: Intervolve, which needs volunteers. Look them up!


Refugee Aid Serbia was able to hold a distribution at Bogovadja camp. The weather was good enough to permit an outdoor distribution of clothing and hygiene items. Camps in Serbia are often still dependent upon the donations of outside organizations in order to maintain any basic living standard. Even then, many report that live in the camps is not nearly as ideal as government reports claim.

Photo credit: Refugee Aid Serbia



There are continuing reports of violence against refugees and migrants in Libya, according to Italian officials. The text of a video raising awareness about the issue states:
“ The men who were abused and treated like slaves in Libya said that during the time spent there police used to throw water at them and film them in order to send the video to European authorities (or UNHCR) and make them believe migrants were rescued at sea; migrants were threatened to death if they confessed this “trick” to European authorities (one of them was actually beaten to death).”


A report from a volunteer near Paris:
The police continues to harass refugees sleeping in st Denis but although some got their belongings stolen many could keep them and returned later to the park to sleep… pop up tents seem to be a good tool to pack up and leave quickly when needed. Some refugees still sleep without a tent since the weather still allows it but that will change soon. Local groups of volunteers are still trying to get an agreement with officials to be allowed to do distributions on the streets as, for now, it’s very limited.

Paris Refugee Ground Support tent salvage!



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