AYS Daily Digest 31/08/17: Humans crushed in the cogs of bureaucracy

Photo credit: Severino Proserpio Maspes, Libyan detention

FEATURE: Humans crushed in the cogs of bureaucracy

I called for a doctor and ambulance for a lady in labor at 5.52am this morning.
The doctor from IsraAid arrived and confirmed that the waters had broken and an ambulance was needed.
An ambulance was called and we assumed on the way on the way. We were later told that the police had canceled the ambulance because the woman was “feeling better”! This in spite of the doctors confirmation that the head was in position and the woman was going to give birth.
In spite of repeated protests and requests from us and the medics on scene the police and UNHCR representative insisted that she had to go with the bus to moria camp.
When the medics insisted that an ambulance was needed the port police told the nurse on scene that she will be held responsible if the woman didn’t give birth!!!
The woman then went into full labor on the side of the road, the port police wouldn’t allow the medics to drive her in the car and meet the ambulance. Instructing the medic saying “you are a doctor? then you take the baby out!” then while the doctor is working the police ask him for his papers to prove he is a doctor and told the nurse to stop looking at him like that.
The ambulance finally arrived at 7.53!!


Report from “Refugee Village for Freedom.”

The work is progressing and the new products are “taking the road” to the city to get into baskets and reach the table of all those who stand solid in this effort.
At the same time, at the squat, we make our tomato-sauce, our olives and our cheeses.
The following shots from last weekend .

We are still at the beginning but we are determined!

Photo Credit: Refugee Village for Freedom
Photo credit: Intervolve, which needs volunteers. Look them up!


Photo credit: Refugee Aid Serbia



“During the day, it’s a touristic spot for families and trekking amateurs, during the night Bardonecchia turns into an improvised waiting room. On the border with France, the location receives tens of migrants, ready to challenge the woods and cross Colle della Scala to reach France and northern Europe. The passage through the Frejus is now impossible, guarded by the army, so the migrants look for alternative ways, like the trails crossing Cozie Alps. Sometimes, some Italian guys helps them. On the way, there are also artisanal signs pointing the direction to France. According to a local manager of a camping site, the situation can become dangerous, because it’s very easy to lose the track in the night, and soon the temperatures will lower. This person is thinking of setting cameras.”


Paris Refugee Ground Support tent salvage!

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