AYS Daily Digest 31.10.17: Real-Life Demons Haunt Calais Refugees this Halloween

A photograph of the bruise allegedly sustained by the victim of the incident.


“While I was sleeping, they came over and sprayed me on my face, they hit me with their baton on my knees which left me numb. They took my shoes and told me to leave.”


Support the winterization campaign in Bekaa!


HRW reports on airstrikes

Committee to Protect Journalists reports on the killing of journalists in Syria


Refugee in Vial attempts suicide after his asylum case is rejected

Women and girls join in on ongoing hunger strike in Mytlini

By Arash Hampey.

UNICEF reports that there are 1,800 unaccompanied child refugees without proper shelter

Refugee Info Bus releases video detailing the expedited family reunification process

Campfire Innovation seeks volunteers



European Committee for the Prevention of Torture performed a mission to assess situation of detained refugees


Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemns Swiss detention practices of children


Refugee Crisis Database publishes useful guide to online resources for volunteers and refugees


Care4Calais reports from Ouistreham

Refugee Community Kitchen is in need of help!


Refugee Rights Data Project


The last IOM figures on Mediterranean crossings.

Portuguese vessel rescues refugees

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