AYS Daily Digest 31/5/17: (Will) the refugees suffer consequences of the NGOs’ misconducts and of common EU political decisions?

NGO accused of exploiting the refugees and misuse of funds, refugees and volunteers worried / Bad news are rumoured for the families waiting for reunification / last days to enroll in school in Greece / An asylum seeker won the appeal to the ECHR against deportation from Switzerland / German students protested deportation of a fellow student, police intervenes / Deportations to continue in a number of countries / Slowing (even more) the family reunification to Germany, …

Kabul, Afganistan, 31 May 2017
“A woman sits outside a hospital after a blast near diplomatic area of Kabul. 80 people killed, more than 300 injured. Meanwhile the EU continues the deportations of Afghan refugees and asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.” (By: Art Against)
Photograph by Mohammad Ismail



Refugee presence in Greece, according to the Government


Chios — camps are completely out of space

“There is a group of refugees on the island of Chios who have no housing and no place to live.
The camp management in Vial told them to go look for a place for themselves and told them “we are not responsible for you“
40 people, mostly children…
We need help on the island of Chios” (Photos: Alaa Hasan)

Volunteers wanted

Enrolling to school

Infographic by: Greek Forum of Refugees

What will happen with the families?


Narrowing down the living space while waiting


NorthStar is looking for teachers volunteers



Young Africans from Lampedusa to be repatriated



A Sudanese asylum seeker won the appeal against deportation



No deportations in the next days, but Germany “will continue to go down this path”

An escalation of solidarity

Photo: Eisbrecher W-tal
Photo: Eisbrecher W-tal


Stop the deportations to Afghanistan!


People under a constant threat and attacks

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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