AYS DAILY DIGEST 4/12/17: Syrian Man Attempts the Sea Crossing Alone

A night rescue in the Mediterranean. Photo Credit: SMH




Police illegally detaining refugees, 4/12/17, Lesbos. Photo Credit: No Borders Kitchen
Ahmet Satuff. Photo Credit: NoBorders

19-year-old Ahmet Satuff remains detained at Mandraki police station in Rhodes.
OASIS — Rhodes Solidarity Group denounces the arrest of the young Syrian and calls for support of friends and solidarity so we can stop his deportation.
Ahmet Sathuf is alone in Rhodes as his mother and his three brothers managed to reunite in Germany with his father and sister in September. Since then he continued sports and artistic activities while attending Greek lessons and offering volunteer assistance to other refugees.
In October, Ahmet Satuff was written in the 2nd General Lyceum of Rhodes and attends the second grade classes. At the same time, he continues Greek language courses at the University of Aegean He made great progress and significant steps in socialization.



Photo from Helena Garzon’s facebook.


Friday after lunch, there were eight 16-Year-olds totally frozen who showed me their hiding place to sleep a little further. Kalirou is 16 years old, and has been sleeping outside for 51 nights. He had an appointment to see the judge on December 28th. They had just had gloves and sleeping bags, but the horror scene of these freezing teenagers, not knowing where to go to warm up, or where to eat at night, was unbearable.

Photo Credit: Care4Calais


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